Friday, May 21, 2004

Camels In The Alps?!

Christine Sieber and her partner Dieter Graf have started a camel farm in the southern Bavarian Alps. "There is something almost meditative about riding a camel, because they are always so amazingly calm and unperturbed. They pass that feeling on to everyone around them," says Sieber. And I totally agree with her. Camels are so calm and patient, and they’re so fascinating.
But what about the differences in weather? From deserts to the Alps! that must be hell of a change. And although camels can manage with snow and ice, water is a problem for the desert-trained animals. It gets sucked up into their thick fur, and with their soft feet, they slip and slide in the mud like someone learning to ice skate.
Before starting her business in Germany, Christine used to live in the United Arab Emirates, where she got fond of camels, specially camel racing. She participated in racing, and won the first position :) According to her, women in Emirates are not allowed to even watch such races, I have no idea about that, but I can say that not all Arab countries share this.
I love camels too, although I was scared to death the first time I tried to ride a camel, God I must have embarrassed my family, I was a kid and shouted like crazy when the camel stood up, lol, that was in Egypt. My younger sister and brother were calm, a bit scared, and I was screaming. I feel so ashamed of myself every time I remember this, lol. But after that I enjoyed riding camels in Jordan and Tunisia too, it’s like you go to somewhere so peaceful where you hear nothing but the wind, see nothing but the pure sand and the blue sky… of course I’m talking of desert only since I never happened to see camels elsewhere :P Anyway, for all of you who fear camels, or those who still didn’t try them, I advice you all waste no more time and enjoy this one of kind experience :)
More about the camels in Germany is available here .