Thursday, May 06, 2004

Birthday Girl :)

Yes today I am 26 years old, quite a number huh! Actually I never felt that becoming older is something to be ashamed of, or to let me down. In fact the older I become the happier I am, as long as my heart and my mentality are healthy and vital enough to fill me with the energy to live, give, and think positively.
And now that I look at myself, I can say that I’m really proud of who I am. I’m not a perfect person, although I consider myself a perfectionist, but well, not all what I consider perfect, is really perfect from the point of view of others. But at least I do my best not to hurt anyone, and I try as hard as I can to fulfill my wishes without crossing the line.
Whether I am happy with my life or not, ok, this is a good question, and a difficult one indeed. On one hand, I am very happily married, I have a very great job (not that I’m in love with though :P) and I have a beautiful cozy small home, furnished with love, hard work, and sweet memories. I live in a beautiful country, got to know many kind people, made few new friends, and know how to manage to do everything on my own in this city.
On the other hand, nothing feels complete without my family. I don’t know, it’s just that I miss them so much, specially that I have a very special family. I need their presence, I need their faces, and I need anything from their sides, even if it was some fights :) I feel like I’m split into two wonderful lives, my marriage life, and my family life, wouldn’t it be just perfect if they were combined together? it will certainly be heaven on earth…
I miss my old friends, those true friends who remember me all the time, and who want nothing in return but to share my news and experiences. They used to throw me surprise parties every now and then, my family was the partner in crime ;) it was fun. And then when I got engaged my fiancé joined the club :) Sweet sweet memories.

Knowledge & Professional Life
Every year, I learn more about life, I learn things that fascinate me, and others that hurt me, and some that disgust me. And I’m not embarrassed to say that I even learn things that are so well known to almost everybody but me. I don’t know how, but well, the important thing is I finally learned them. And I believe, learning never stops. Knowledge has to be added to every minute. No matter how small the thing I learned is, I appreciate knowing it. Every day added to life, gives more experience, good or bad, it doesn’t matter, because we all know, without tasting bitterness you will never appreciate sweetness.
And just like anyone, I have my disappointments in life, one of which is being away of my family, another one is my career life. I thank God that I am lucky enough to get great positions in my professional life both in Jordan and here in Tunisia. I was still a fresh graduate and I got to meet very important people, and had the chance to be a decision maker. And I kept on looking until I found my perfect job, being a person very interested in environment that is :) But then, another decision had to be made, changing my life and putting me in the beginning of the road once again. I had to start all over again. And after hard work, I finally got my present position. Which by the way has nothing to do with my real interests nor my certificates, but looking at the bright side, someone of my age has never been hired for this position in this field of services. I have a nice boss, and my salary is good. As for my environmental concerns, I try to be active in other ways. Not that successful actually, but working on it :)

Birthday presents
Don’t I just love birthdays :P no just kidding, I do love presents, but it all depends on the one giving them. I don’t care how expensive, and I don’t care if someone dear does not afford giving me a present, a nice word, a card, an email or a call is enough. The thought is what counts.
My dear family never misses a birthday, this is my second one away from them, and God knows I wished so bad to be with them this year, but it didn’t work. And since many people we know seem to get too busy preparing for their visits to Tunisia that they forget to give a call asking if my family wished to send me something (although we always call when someone is leaving) so my family stopped counting on their help, and found out an alternative. Sending packages by airline trips. So instead of sending one or two things with people, they gather them till some occasion is close like “Eid” or birthdays, and ship them to us. So I already got my family gifts and a very very beautiful greeting card from mom :) Thanks all :)
And of course my day started with my dear husband’s birthday wishes. He celebrated the day by having a pretty smile on the face and hearing music I love on the way to work :) As for the rest of the gifts, I will be getting them after blowing the candles. There will be my husband of course and my in-laws :)

What else do I have to say? Nothing actually, one thing I wish would happen, and know it wont :P is to be thrown a surprise party from my family :) And since that isn’t possible, at least this year :P then the best gift they could offer me above all the beautiful things I got is to hear they’re all happy, doing well, enjoying life, and most important of all, in good health.

I’m trying to keep myself happy, and I’m pretending not to be pissed off from the MANY emails I’m getting today asking me to do loads of work, and I’m trying to enjoy myself regardless of the annoying every two minute calls I get from clients. I have decided to let no one ruin my day :) And to prove this, if you can just take a look at my screen you’ll find more than 20 emails marked both urgent and unread, you’ll find Windows messenger crowded with conversation windows, and my desk stuffed with folders, the fax has run out of paper, while I’m here blogging, eating chocolates, drinking coffee, with a very big smile on my face. So unlike me… that’s why I’m gonna stop right this minute and get back to work ;)

So happy birthday to me :) And thank you God for keeping me alive…