Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The Beheading of Nicholas Berg...

All I can say is: this is the price of war. More and more innocent people will get killed from all ages and all nationalities. The solution is not to limit ourselves to go look for who’s done this and who’s done that, the solution is to STOP war, get out of Iraq, give back Iraqis their rights and respect after the indescribable humiliation and torture they’ve experienced, and let the world live in peace.
One video of beheading Nicholas Berg have moved the whole world, I couldn’t have the courage to play the video, I knew I couldn’t tolerate it. At the same time, and till this moment I couldn’t stand watch all the photos of the Iraqi prisoners’ abuse. And we all hear of hundreds of kids, young and old Iraqis being shot and killed for no reason but some cheap fun.
This is horrible, PLEASE STOP WAR! I do believe that no one can stand a single extra pic or video from anyone getting tortured or killed. Every action has a reaction, unless the real problems are solved, there will always be more victims, more killing and more disgusting pics to be shown. And no one wants this to happen. No one wants war, it never was constructive.
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More details of the Beheading of Nicholas Berg are available here: English 1 and English 2, Arabic, and Deutsch .