Monday, May 31, 2004

Attempt To Implant A Whole Face!

A medical team in an American university has proposed to make the first whole-face implant operation to a patient using the face of a dead person. The team includes Dr. John Barker, Dr.Serges Martinez and Dr. Joe Banis. Inspired by the procedure done on Sandeep Kaur 10 years ago (whose face and scalp were torn off by a grass cutter and then reattached), their goal is to transform the lives of the seriously disfigured like Jacqui Saburido whose life changed completely after being hit by a drunk driver.
This whole face implanting operation is the first of its kind in human history. 2 operations took place in USA and Australia have succeeded in implanting around 50% of facial skin. This time it’s different, a whole face, with its features, with its muscles and all of its skin will be placed instead of the old face, which has been burnt or cut for example.
According to the team, the duration of the operation may be 24 continuous hours.
The proposal of this operation has caused a huge discussion in terms of physical as well as psychological side-effects.
The operation requires taking certain kind of medicine that will lower the bodies resistance in order to guarantee the least rejection for the implanted face. Such treatments might so possibly have bad side-effects that will endanger the patient’s health. Therefore there is a big risk in making this operation. On the other hand, implanting the face of a dead person will result in the patient losing his/her original face and looking exactly like the dead person. This will also have its dangerous side-effects on both the mental and psychological health of the patient as well as their families and friends. Because this will mean bringing back life to the dead, and taking away the life of the living. This isn’t easy at all.
The team has been experimenting the operation of total face implanting on dead bodies, and according to them, they seem to have solved all the problems and defeated all difficulties that may occur in such an operation. Arabic
To watch a slide showing the accidents of Sandeep Kaur and Jacqui Saburido ClickHere BUT PLZ MAKE SURE U R NOT TOO SENSITIVE & THAT NO CHILDREN R AROUND U WHILE WATCHING!
Source: HealthDiscovery