Friday, May 14, 2004

Are Abuse Photos Fake?!

As expected, many arguments concerning the prisoners’ abuse in Iraq are created to save the reputation of the countries involved in the abuse and to save the soldiers from punishment.
First we heard the American soldiers claiming they had orders from higher ranks and not the free will to act the way they’ve acted. Which I personally think is nonsense. Because these “poor” soldiers could have at least had the courage of the one who was brave enough to pass the photos to the whole world and show the sick and sadistic behavior of soldiers in Abu Ghraib. Were they that afraid?! All those involved couldn’t gather together and say NO? couldn’t they complain to their government one way or the other during all these months of continues torture?! No they could, but they didn’t want to, because they were sick, and they enjoyed what they were doing… And now UK comes and claims: the pics weren’t even taken in Iraq!! Which is a very bad argument. Whether they were taken in Iraq or elsewhere, one fact cannot change, human beings have been tortured in the most horrible way. It doesn’t matter if that person suffering in the pic was Iraqi, Afghan, or even British, what matters is the terrible abuse and humiliation.
And even if those pics were a work of a “genius” who faked stuff and published it, then it proves only one thing, there are people who are expressing themselves and their sick desires through pics they’re faking, and this is not less dangerous than real abuse, coz even if it wasn’t practically applied in torturing people, having these evil ideas means there are so many sick people out there who can’t wait for a victim to practice their inner desires on.
I do understand that the situation is so delicate, and that each country is trying to save its reputation and prove it was not involved in these disgusting acts, but to prove yourself not guilty doesn’t mean go fabricate some emotional stories, or say some lies to doubt the reliability of a certain newspaper, or magazine or web site. To prove you’re not guilty, there is only one way: surrender to the truth and evidence, investigate, and punish all those involved. It’s known that every country has its good people and its bad people. You can’t fool other societies. You better take an immediate action. This way your will to be fair and helpful will be proven, and you might have one way to maybe make it up for the poor people who suffered and tasted insult, pain and death because of some maniacs who belong to you.
We should not wait for pics to wake us up. Taking part in war is a very big responsibility that all people of all kinds should be aware of, and therefore handle the situation right. Even if people are forced to believe the pics were fake –which is hard to believe- we know that such things and even worse acts are taking place, and even if we’re not talking about pics, we can still talk of the bad behavior of soldiers towards citizens even of non-Iraqi nationalities. Or are TV channels and journalists of the whole world faking stories too?! The world is watching, and all what we wish for is some justice, and some conscious.