Friday, April 16, 2004

Who Said It’s Some Tobacco Wrapped In Paper!

In an argument with one of my teachers in university, he said, his friend proved that smoking is healthy. In a simple equation he elaborated:
Smoking= Pleasure, Pleasure= Happiness, Happiness= Good Health, SO Smoking= Good Health. Therefore Smoking is healthy… Every time I remember this I have a big smile on my face. I was impressed with the means of explanation and the weird connection. But it made me always wonder about the pleasure of smoking.
Because despite all efforts to stop the percentage of smokers from rising, a lot of people choose to try the taste of danger and enjoy the smoky smell of cigarettes burning.
Many smoke just for the sake of trying, they want to answer the many questions their curiosity pose to reveal the secret of smoking. Why do people smoke?
And whether you’ve already tried to light up a cigarette or not, I’m sure you have at least an idea about this.
People smoke, because smoking is powerful. They satisfy inner desires and reach the peak of their self-confidence and happiness while smoking. To so many, a cigarette represents the hidden power within us. It shows manhood, freedom, independency, ability of choice and authority to take decisions. To many others, cigarettes are just like accompanying accessories. They complete the picture of a grown up man, they add to the sex-appeal of a woman, and having it on our desks or tables adds a cool touch to the décor.

Smoking is a language, cigarettes are the translators. When a guy blows the smoke in a lady’s face, some interpret it as a sign of admiration and an attempt of drawing attention. On the other hand a guy blowing smoke in another guy’s face could have at least three meanings:
- I don’t like you, shut up and get the hell out of here.
- I’m trying to piss you off .
- You’re my type (in case of gays :P)
When a woman is smoking, she feels more attractive and sexy. She feels the feminine side of her glowing and attracting all eyes. She could be trying to show she’s different, or that she’s broken the chains of society.

Lighting up a cigarette can tell you about the person’s mood. If the cigarette was with the morning coffee, then the person is just enjoying his time, maybe feels like talking a bit, or is simply practicing a daily habit.
When it comes after lunch or dinner, it shows the tendency to relax and top the yummy meal with a personal delight. And then again it could just be a daily habit.
Yet when it comes in a time the person does not usually smoke at, then it expresses the need for a break. OR it could be a relief for the anger that is about to explode and destroy everything around. A cigarette in the middle of the night is a great way to keep company, fight loneliness and forget sorrows.

Cigarettes are part of body language too. The way a person holds the cigarettes could show whether he’s serious or nervous, if he’s confident or helpless, if he’s happy or sad, if he’s angry or satisfied, and if he’s well-behaved, civilized or some savage street boy.
A cigarette could be an instrument to provoke a guy through the way a woman holds her cigarette, and the way she smokes it.
Both sexes use cigarettes to show off certain characteristics, or even social levels. From the trade mark of a cigarette you can guess if the smoker is delicate, rich, or a heavy smoker.
Cigarettes are communication-bridges. A smoker can find it very easily to find his way to start a conversation, simply by asking for a lighter.
Cigarettes are a sign of addiction, they are a sign of obsession. There could be nothing more pleasant than cigarettes to offer to your guests if they’re smokers, if not then cigarettes could be the most offensive thing to offer.
No matter what for you light up a cigarette, and no matter what this cigarette means to you, there is only one fact you should always remind yourself of: cigarettes are instruments of transporting tobacco and nicotine into your body and polluting the environment.
So if not for your health, nor for others’, and if not for the environment, then let it be for the sake of freeing yourself from its spell, and for the sake of proving your real independence and success. Try to quit smoking, and try to express yourself with the help of no one but you.
Because all what you think a cigarette symbolizes is nothing, you’re the one who gives it all those meanings. And no matter how hard you’d try to convince yourself of its importance I tell you, they’re nothing but some tobacco wrapped in paper. Don’t let something as silly as this take control of you and your life. It’s not that easy to get rid of it because of the addiction to both nicotine and what it means to you, but still it’s not impossible. With strong will and determination you can work wonders, and step by step there will be no space left for cigarettes in your life.
And well, Good Luck…