Tuesday, April 20, 2004

What's Up In Tunisia!

The European Film Festival:Tunisia will be hosting the European Film festival which will start on the 21st of this month and end on the 8th of May. Germany, England, Austria, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Sweden as well as Tunisia will be participating in this festival. The festival will take place in Tunis, Sousse, and Sfax.
More details are available Here in Arabic.

The International Book Exhibition:The opening will be on April 22, it will take place in the Kram Exhibition Hall as usual. The exhibition offers a wide range of international books of all fields: science, medicine, literature, cooking, novels, short stories, catalogues of countries, encyclopedias and much much more. Last year it was really huge and it was very interesting, and although there are books in different languages, mainly French, Arabic and English, but unfortunately French are the most available on the shelves. And the funny part is that all books that draw my attention are in French, lol, and even funnier is the fact that they choose to have the exhibition in the last week of the month, when people are hardly managing to go on with what’s left of their salaries. But well, whether you’re gonna buy or not, just hanging out with people and enjoying the sight of the books is enough to make your day. Make sure not to miss it.

Arab Star Academy Concert: The Star Academy members of the first Arab Star Academy ever will be holding 2 concerts, one on May 1st, and the other on May 2nd. Mosaique FM is taking care of the advertising campaign ;) and is informing people about where to get their tickets.
I think so many people can’t wait to go watch a live concert for the Star Academy people, specially that there are two Tunisians, Bahaa and Ahmad among them. And talking of them, they had nice voices, but in my opinion the Star Academy program was unfair to Ahmad, he had a really really beautiful voice, was able to sing in different accents, he should’ve reached the finals, but then again, it’s a matter of luck and a matter of voting.
Anyway, all of them are sweet and I guess their concerts will be a great success :)