Monday, April 12, 2004

Vote for Arab SuperStar 2

So yesterday was the performance of the first group of the first 14 participants that have reached Beirut. They were all AMAZING. And everything was just so perfect.
The participants were:
From Palestine: Ammar Hasan.
From Syria: Wa’ad Al Bahri, Mohammad Daqdouq, Reem Mahrat, Hala Qaseer.
From Lebanon:Zahi Safiyyeh, Eli Kallas, Hadi Al Mallah, Raneen Al-Sha’ar.
From Morocco:Nadia Al-Kirkabi.
From Oman:Issa Shbibi.
From Jordan: Rose Al-Wirr.
From Saudi Arabia: Abdelmajeed Ibrahim.
From Kuwait: Salim Msa’id.

Actually it’s truly hard to choose, they were all wonderful, but the best according to me were : Ammar Hasan, Eli Kallas, Abdelmajeed Ibrahim, and Rose Al-Wirr. And I’d vote for either Eli or Ammar. I think they’re on the top of my list. And it’s not because Eli has a handicap as a result of an accident, but because I’ve never seen someone emotionally involved while singing like him, add to this his warm beautiful voice, I guess that qualifies him. And Ammar has a great beautiful voice and deserves to win as well.
What about you? You still have a chance to vote till tonight at 9 p.m. so don’t miss the chance and vote .
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