Saturday, April 17, 2004

USA: We Didn't Give Israel The Green Light To Assassinate Al Rantisi

Today, The new Hamas Leader Abdelaziz Al-Rantisi was killed in a new terrible Israeli missile attack. I wont go on talking about details and reactions, as you must all probably know that by now. But what I guess is needed is a bit of help in explaining the term "Green Light", coz it seems some native speakers are not fully aware of this definition.
If vetoing a UN resolution condemning the Sheikh Yassin assassination is not a green light to kill more people, and if endorcing Sharon plans is not a green light for him to do whatever he pleases, then what is considered a "Green Light"?
Just for the record, giving the green light does not mean lighting up a green lamp guys...
Oh and one more thing, I even doubt if Sharon actually needs a green light, he has reached a level in which he gives no shit about anyone anymore.
But still the whole world should know, these desperate assassinations will never solve the problem, they will only give Palestinians the motive to never stop fighting, because they become more certain day by day that no one else will ever give them back their rights.