Thursday, April 15, 2004

Three Years Old :)

Yesterday my nephew became 3 years old. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to share my sister and her family these sweet moments because of distance. Specially that her little boy means the world to me and to all of our family members. He’s the first grandchild of the family, and he’s the son of our favorite beautiful sister. I wished I’d be there, but well, I’ll be getting pics at least, and maybe a recorded video tape if I was lucky enough.
Mohammed Jr. (as my parents call him to distinguish between him and my brother who has the same first name) is really a unique boy. He’s so polite, so innocent, yet can be the naughtiest kid ever. He’ll grow up to be a responsible man with a very big heart. He knows the moves of the prayers, and he’s excellent at all dances, and just love being around pretty girls of all ages ;) We watched our wedding tape last night and saw him and everybody. He was soooooooo cute and sooooooooo little. He’s simply adorable, and loves Barney and strawberries :) And as usual, watching the wedding tape made me miss them all so much. It was the happiest day of my life because we were all gathered together in one place.
Yesterday, when we called to pass our birthday greetings, we talked to sis, and I was so happy because she sounded more relaxed than when she first arrived to Canada.
And although she’s still not that familiar with the country, nor so happy with her social life or life activities, but I know deep inside that she’s gonna make it, and she’ll lead a very successful life. Because I know her, she has the strongest will among us all, and she is smart and energetic enough to make her life full of happiness and great experiences. Not to forget her husband’s support, he helps her out with the kids and everything, and he cooks really well :) And last but not least, the presence of my brother, and his help will top it all with a wonderful touch of warmth, hope and security, and will help her feel the sense of belonging.
Happy Birthday Mohammad Jr. and wish to be there in your coming Birthday :)