Friday, April 30, 2004


I swear to God I can’t stop laughing every time I think of “swingers”. LOL!! To be honest, I never heard of it until recently, seems like I’m living out of the planet.
The first time I heard of it was in the series “Yes, Dear”, which I love so so much. Now when I knew what it meant, I couldn’t possibly imagine it. I mean it was the stupidest, most humiliating concept I’ve ever heard of, after homosexuality that is.
Married couples exchanging sexual partners?!! WHERE ARE WE LIVING!!!! They can’t be human beings, they must be some disgusting pegs!! YUCK!
I mean if they’re not capable of loyalty, sexual satisfaction with their partners, faithfulness and commitment, why the hell do they get married in the first place?? Just to give their filthy relationships a more “respectful” impression?
God, I can’t even find one good sentence I can put together to give a good reason.
That’s terrible, and it’s so damn funny, because I still don’t see the point in that. LOL! Married, but feel like exchanging husbands or wives for a change, isn’t that pathetic.
Well aside of it being pathetic and disgusting, it’s a shame. When a man can’t satisfy his woman, and when a woman can’t satisfy her husband; when marriage is turned into a very weak relationship full of boredom, routine, to a level where both parties start looking for an alternative to revive their feelings; when both parties are OK with “sleeping around”; and when all what controls two brains is sexual desire, then it is a shame, a disaster and a big problem that have no solution but to change this time we’re living in. This time in which Life is one big zoo with creature cheaper than animals living in it, screwing it, and destroying all its beauty in the name of civilization and improvement.
Now that people have become so empty, lost, contradicting and mad, they can do nothing but create new concepts to suit their disastrous lives, do stupid things to please their ego, and practice crazy habits to win others’ attraction.
Every two days we hear of a new religion, people start converting to it, just because it’s cool, just because it completely suits their lost selves, and give them the right to do whatever they please without feeling guilty. Every now and then new vocabulary are added to dictionaries of all languages, words that refer to corrupted societies, and an upside-down world. Every once in a while, we see a new sick phenomena, that becomes the trend of the year, and the way out for losers.
So looking at it, swingers are nothing new, they’re just another sick phenomena that labels our one of a kind, lost and crazy time.
And then social scientists and health responsible wonder: Where from are we getting all these problems?