Monday, April 26, 2004

Star Academy’s Concert Tickets!

I heard the tickets for the concert were 15, 20 and 50 TND, now if that’s true then something has gotten into the heads of both the ones who are arranging for the concert and the people buying the tickets, specially when I get to know that since last week tickets were actually SOLD OUT!! Lol, I can’t believe this. I liked the Academy students, and I found them vital and full of excitement, but I wont pay that amount to attend one of their concerts. With all the respect to all of them and all their admirers, but they possess neither the good voices, nor the professional skills for me to go pay that amount! I mean give me a break, Saber Al- Ribai’, this great voice, and this big history of records and albums had his concert tickets sold for 10 and 15 TND maximum. Majeda Al-Roumi had it at the same price, and then comes the managers of the Arab Star Academy ask for more!!! But well, they have the right to ask for even more than that as long as the people out there have completely lost it to buy every single ticket and I’m sure they’re even willing to pay whatever it takes for their beloved star academy students! I call this taking advantage of the audience and fans.