Monday, April 05, 2004

Star Academy LBC: The Final Prime

So Star academy has come to an end, making the Egyptian Mohammad Atiyya the First Star of the Arabic Star Academy. Unfortunately I couldn’t watch all primes but still I was lucky enough to watch the final :) and I must say Lebanon did pretty a great job with the organizing, decoration and everything. The dances were wonderful and both Mohammad Atiyya and Bashar Al-Shatti were amazing. Actually I can’t judge since I’ve only seen the final result, but I found it really difficult to choose between the two, each has his own style and his own nice character. Bashar, although didn’t win the title, but still I liked his performance, his presence and his very great ability to sing in different dialects. So I believe that even if he wasn’t the Star, but still he might have great success in his future as a singer.
And most wonderful of all was the great since of friendship that accompanied the finalists as well as the ones who couldn’t make it to the final level. It was amazing. The only thing I didn’t like that much was this totally transparent dress Hielda Khaleefeh was wearing :P Although I’ve been always impressed with this lady’s presentation and introducing abilities and I’ve always liked her, but I just don’t like dresses that are so much revealing, specially that the beautiful Hielda doesn’t need anything revealing to show her beauty. Anyway, it’s just a personal opinion and that doesn’t change the fact of her being really elegant :)
I’ve watched The WorldBest and some other young people from non-arab countries, and I should admit that Arabs have shown great talent, great taste and great performance. And the LBC Star Academy final prime was just perfect. It was totally professional and so so impressive.