Thursday, April 22, 2004

Poor Prostitutes Need Protection :(

Despite the efforts of the German government to protect prostitutes, German prostitutes are still complaining about the violence, exploitation, poor working conditions and the social discrimination they’re experiencing in society. They are asking for more laws to guarantee their protection and rights.
And although the German government legalized prostitution 2 years ago, a lot of prostitutes prefer working secretly to avoid social discrimination.
So to help out sex-workers, a new law will be taking place , offering prostitutes a contract that would regulate holiday pay, sick pay and medical examinations during work time.
According to the Social Scientist Emilija Mitrovic, who has been making a study about prostitution in Germany and the ways to protect their rights, the contract would also ensure women a fixed income which could be transferred to their bank accounts. Yet one of the problems with the new prostitution law is that it does nothing to help foreign prostitutes, who constitute almost half of Germany sex workers, who don't have a legal work permit. Without it, they can't report ill treatment or exploitation to the police unless they want to run the high risk of subsequent deportation.
And at the time, in which paid sex is becoming a part of the 21st century's civilization, and in which prostitution is being legalized and even protected all over the world, in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and everywhere (unfortunately) I think there is this little thing governments and scientists pretend to be not aware of: why are their efforts to protect prostitutes failing?
If they can give some time trying to find an answer to this question instead of wasting their time in making pointless studies and unsuccessful laws that will never work, then they’ll be happier and so will be the community.
No law will ever guarantee the rights of prostitutes, simply because they have given those rights away freely, and you can’t force someone to take something they’ve chosen to give away. Prostitutes chose to sell their bodies, they chose to offer their respect and their dignity in return of money. They exchanged what’s priceless with what’s cheap and never lasting. You can’t force respect in the lives of those who are rejecting it every time they accept a cent in its place. You can’t protect them from violence if they themselves didn’t care about their bodies and exposed it to anyone who can afford enjoying it the way they please, the way they choose. You can’t force people to stop social discrimination, because those people, regardless of their position in society, and regardless of their beliefs, do not accept being equal to others who find it ok to be sex-machines, killing all human feelings, and giving away self-respect and dignity, two important things that distinguish between human beings and animals.
The world is ought to issue laws to protect human rights, in stopping such a nonsense, and preserving respect to one’s self. They’re ought to be paying efforts in studies about social health, the homeless and not some losers who have chosen the cheapest and most disgusting way to wealth.
Protecting prostitution is just like injecting someone with a deadly virus, and then trying to give them medicine and vaccinations. It’s either you’re too stupid, and have totally lost it to do such a thing, or you’re some psycho who enjoys the suffering of people and pretend to help them at the same time to free yourself from responsibility, or you’re some commercial bastard who finds it the best way to get people spending more money on medicine, or you’re some experimenting maniac who believes society is the right sample.
To hell with prostitutes, they’ve caused nothing but illnesses, corruption, and disrespect. Stop making them sound as victims, and stop trying to help them, because they are not helping themselves. Or is it that paid sex has increased the income and strengthened economy!! Then please don’t pretend to be caring about human rights, because you have replaced them with money… Stop lying to people. If you really care, you should find them working contracts in healthy environments, you should show them the right way and help society maintain its natural balance and healthy existence, you should find a place for self-respect, if you still remember it.