Friday, April 16, 2004

Pig Brother

Big Brother has become old-fashioned, you can enjoy a better and more successful show now: Pig Brother!
A website launched by the German Hunting Association in March, providing a 24 hour coverage of the lives of 6 pigs has drawn more than 1.5 MILLION visitors within 2 WEEKS.
This DJV-site aims at fostering wildlife protection and allows adults and kids a unique view of the animal kingdom.
According to the “Tageszeitung” newspaper, most of the visitors log in to enjoy the sexual adventures of the group’s alpha male: Kalle.

Actually I like animals, and I enjoy knowing more about their adventures and lives. But I’m not gonna watch a group of them 24 hours a day!
Anyway, some 1.5 million people and more seem to disagree with me. In the end of the day, whether it’s watching a bunch of pigs or a group of people doing crazy things, nothing really matters, people want to enjoy themselves and forget about their problems… add to this the presence of un-censored sex!! Lol.
For more information ClickHere , this website is German but has an English part of it. It offers a display of pictures and video sequences of the most impressive scenes. Many texts for adults and kids give information about the observed game, there is a newsletter, screen-backgrounds to download, and new functions that are continuously added.
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