Thursday, April 01, 2004

Oh, this April Fool’s Day Isn’t Making it Easy!!

Just what I was afraid of. Anything anyone tells me, I start laughing and saying: Gottcha! And then it turns out it was true and not some kind of lie.
Like for example this morning, I read my husband’s latest post , which seems to be the last as well,lol, I believed his post was nothing but a lie and then I realized the man is really serious. He’s in a very weird mood, I call him, he’s upset with everything, and he’s trying to convince me of his own point of view of leaving everything and flying to Thailand.
He repeats over and over again: “You always knew that ever since we visited Thailand, I've been spiritually connected to that country and that I've been dreaming of going back to Phi Phi Island and living there.
The only difference is that now I'm making my dream come true. I'm fed up of living like this, and I want to be in peace with the universe”. Which I know is true. And now I have to deal with this weird situation my husband’s in.
Then my manager comes, he tells me: “you deserve a raise for your hard work. I’ve talked with our head manager, and he agreed, congratulations”. I go like: “I wish it was true, lol,nice lie though”, and he was like: “am I used to be funny?”, I reply: ”no”, he asks: ”am I used to joke with employees?” I say: ”nope”, then he asked: ”are you trying to make me change my mind concerning the raise?” and I go like: NO”. I send a message to my husband to give him the great news. What does he comment? He says: “Don’t lie to ME”. I pick up the phone and explain, but he doesn’t believe me. I try to convince him but it’s not working. And after getting me crazy he goes like :”ok, congratulations, that’s great news, but still it wont make me change my mind, I’m going to Thailand…” lol, he’s in a terrible mood. I have to work on that. He fell in love with Phuket and Phi-Phi Islands, and ever since then, every time I asked him what he wished for, he’d answer: to live in Phi-Phi Island. He went as far as looking for houses online. Lol…
Anyway, I thought I wont tell anyone personally about the raise, because no one will ever believe me today. Therefore and because I’m so happy, I found no better way than blogging about it :) Mabrouk to me :)