Tuesday, April 27, 2004

A New Painting To Replace The Old Flag …

Yes the new so called Iraqi Flag , which by the way has nothing to do with Iraqi’s people choice, approval, nor preference, is -according to the proud designers- a replacement for Saddam’s Flag.
The new “thing” has two blue horizontal stripes signifying the two rivers Tigris and Euphrates (inspired from the Israeli Flag that points to the Great Kingdom of David: the “Great Israel”, being from the Nile river to the Euphrates river); a yellow stripe between the two blue ones symbolizes the Kurdish region in northern Iraq (or is it maybe a symbol of drowning the Kurdish region in the two rivers, after being done bombing every single Iraqi…no one knows); and above the three stripes there is a white background with a blue crescent, an Islamic symbol (to replace Allahu Akbar, but I wonder if Saddam’s era flag had the crescent already, would it be replaced with Allahu Akbar?!). Anyway, this whole “new painting” thing sucks, it’s really the proof of nothing but taking away people’s own freedom of choice in the name of democracy, and changing everything to what the new “controllers” believe is good, in the name of the poor people’s own interest.
You claim democracy? The people don’t want this stupid pale tasteless painting that you have offered as a flag, would you follow people’s choice? No, it wont be “democracy” if you did. People don’t want you interfering in everything single thing in their lives, would you stop sticking your nose? Noooooooo, you can’t be who you are if you stopped interfering. People don’t want to see your faces laughing on TV being happy about your games, trying to convince people they’re “important achievements”, would you democratic people listen to what people say? NO. People want you out of their country, they don’t want you killing their children in the name of improvement, they don’t want you stealing their food, in the name of investment, they don’t want you to torture them in the name of peace, they don’t want you wandering in their country in the name of security, and they want you to STOP making up excuses and inventing reasons to show the world you must stay, because the whole world knows your presence is not welcomed, it’s not doing anything good. Iraqis are killed, and so are your soldiers, and so is happiness. Iraqis are not happy, the whole Arab world is not happy, and most of the people all around the world are NOT HAPPY. Stop sacrificing people to smell blood and enjoy the sounds of rockets and bombs lighting up the sky of countries that were once peaceful. War on terror? TO HELL WITH WAR, WAR IS TERROR…
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