Friday, April 23, 2004

"The Memory Hole" Exclusive:288 Photos Of American Soldiers' Coffins!

First it was Spain, then it was Honduras, will there be someone next to pull their troops from Iraq?!
Some countries took Spain’s and Honduras’ act as fear from terrorism attacks on their people as a result of their role in the war on Iraq, some interpreted it as concern for their young people who were sent there and are being killed for no reason but war, and last but not least, some explained it as “re-considering” this war and its goals.
Now no matter what the real reasons for pulling their troops are, these two countries must be congratulated for their decision.
If it was fear from terrorism, then it’s not something to be ashamed of at all, they should be proud that they care for their people and don’t want to risk more souls. They should be proud to take their people’s opinion into consideration. If it was concern for their soldiers, then it is something to be proud of as well, why leave them to suffer and get them killed, for what? If Bush doesn’t care about US soldiers, and doesn’t care how many are lost, and how many American families are suffering having their children kept away in Iraq to get killed, then Spain and Honduras do care.
Just this morning I have read about the American journalist Russ Kick who has exclusively published 288 photographs released by the Air Force of American soldiers’ remains and coffins arriving home in his blog TheMemoryHole . The Pentagon prevented the public from seeing these photos, now the whole world can see them. Americans will see their soldiers who were killed for war, who were killed because of Bush’s insistence on going on with killing innocent Iraqis, but unfortunately, it’s always the people who pay the price. Why should Iraqis, Americans and other nationalities be sacrificed for war?! Iraqis have the right to defend themselves and their families, they have the right to fight for their survival in their own homeland. And many soldiers are against this stupid war, but they only follow the orders. RESULT: more and more innocent people will be killed.
STOP WAR NOW! STOP THE BLOODSHED! No one wants to see more of these photos, no one wants to know their own son is in one of these coffins, no one wants to lose their beloved ones, and no one wants to lose their homeland!
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