Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Labels Required For Genetically Modified Food

In the European Union, rules are put in place on the labelling of foodstuffs to enable European consumers to get comprehensive information on the contents and the composition of food products. Labelling helps consumers to make an informed choice while purchasing their foodstuffs.
A new EU directive requiring labels for genetically modified (GM) food took effect Sunday, but unfortunatelt excluding animal products at the moment.
I totally support the directive. Such a requirement would really help make the right choice. So many people are against GM products and need such a step to make it easier for the people to avoid them. And it will make it up to the consumer to choose what to buy instead of having no clue what he’s eating. On the other hand, labeling might cause other unpleasant results, such as experiencing a raise in the costs of non-GM products, or even an increase in the prices of all products to make up for the additional testing expenses.
"Genetically modified crops in general are dangerous for human health and also for the environment because what the g.e. (genetic engineering) industry is doing is putting new genes into new organisms, like taking a growth gene from a fish and putting it in a tomato," said Ulrike Brendel of Greenpeace Germany. "And of course nobody can predict what effects such a crude effort is having on human food and the environment."
If it was up to me, instead of all this mess I’ll simply prohibit GM products, let’s all get back to nature and stop interfering with it. I know this costs a fortune, and wont keep up with the huge demand, but instead of thinking of financial loss, we should find solutions to lead healthy lives, and if we make this our first priority then we’ll sure work it out in a way to avoid financial loss.
I don’t know, it’s just that I’ve always hated this stupid interference with nature. We don’t need genetically modified ingredients, why can’t we leave nature in peace!!