Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Jordan Saved From A Toxic Cloud

Jordanian authorities have broken up an alleged al Qaeda plot that would have unleashed a deadly cloud of chemicals in the heart of Jordan's capital, Amman.
The plot would have been more deadly than anything al Qaeda has done before, including the September 11 attacks. The plot was within days of being carried out, Jordanian officials said, when security forces broke it up April 20.
In a nighttime raid in Amman, Jordanian security forces moved in on the terrorist cell. After the shooting stopped, four men were dead. Jordanian authorities said. They said at least three others were arrested, including Azmi Jayyousi, the cell's suspected ringleader, whom Jordanian intelligence alleges was responsible for planning and recruiting.
On a confession shown on state-run Jordanian television, Jayyousi said he took orders from Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a suspected terrorist leader who has been linked to al Qaeda and whom U.S. officials have said is behind some attacks in Iraq.
The targets were the U.S. Embassy, the Jordanian prime minister's office and the headquarters of Jordanian intelligence.
"According to my experience as an explosives expert, the whole of the Intelligence Department will be destroyed, and nothing of it will remain, nor anything surrounding it," Jayyousi said.
Details of the alleged plot were shown yesterday on the Jordanian television, including graphics of how the cell apparently intended to carry out the attack.
In an videotape shown on Jordanian TV, Hussein Sharif said Jayyousi recruited him as a suicide bomber.
"The aim, Azmi told me, was to execute an operation to strike Jordan and the Hashemite Royal family, a war against the crusaders and infidels," Sharif said. "Azmi told me that this will be the first chemical attack that al Qaeda will execute."
Jordanian authorities said the attack would have mixed a combination of 71 lethal chemicals, which they said has never been done before, including blistering agents to cause third-degree burns, nerve gas and choking agents. For more details ClickHere
I have seen Azzam Jayyousi’s confession last night, and I must say that I felt like blowing up the T.V. I mean he was so cold-blooded, he talked as if he was going to kill a mosquito or something. And then he was like: “I thought by doing this I’ll be serving God, and that even if I got killed I will directly go to heaven”. WHY DO THEY HAVE TO GIVE A SHITTY PICTURE OF ISLAM.
Islam has nothing to do with this, and what I loved about the Jordanian authorities is that they have interviewed Muslim “sheikhs” of mosques and universities, and they have all agreed that killing in the name of Islam is the worst thing anyone can ever do. And they have proved by Islamic Sharee’a (teachings, rules and instructions of Islam) that whoever kills a person, it’s as if they have killed all humanity, and whoever saves a soul, is as if they have saved all humanity. Therefore whoever kills a Muslim on purpose, and whoever kills an innocent person will be heading straight to hell where he’ll be burnt over and over again.
THER WERE GOING TO KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE, I mean for God’s sake could you please save us the stupidity and please do something good in your lives. Why attack Amman? You’re not happy with their strategies? Not happy with the system there? So if we’re not happy then we kill and get rid of all those who we disagree with? Is that what our prophet was suffering to teach us? Is there no other way to negotiate but with bombing and killing? Have we forgotten that religion is all about bringing peace to the world, have we forgotten that Quran asked us to be constructive, to build, to add to the world’s improvement, not the opposite. Or is it that you have your own rules and your own religion and love to call it Islam!! Have you forgotten that one good thing brings 10 times the reward, and one bad thing brings10 times the punishment and disgrace!
Did you forget that even in war Muslims are not allowed to kill children, women, old people, animals and plants of the enemy?! And now you want to burn a whole city and let them suffer for generations not caring about all the innocent people who are going to be lost. So it’s ok to kill who you disagree with even if that meant losing your family and the good people who can add to the construction of society more than you with your corrupted heads will!
Thing twice before doing anything, and please read the Quran, and study the Islamic religion well, and most important of all that, please stop covering yourselves with Islam, coz Islam is innocent, peaceful and have so many ways of bringing happiness and well being to societies without harming a bee.

For Information in Arabic you can check Addustour and Aljazeera