Monday, April 05, 2004

Islamic Veil Prohibited While Working In Germany, We're Finally Civilized Inside Out!

So once again among all critical problems in the world, the Islamic veil (Hijab) seems to be the most dangerous, most uncivilized and most unwelcome “problem” to the European countries. So instead of solving environmental problems, or try find a way to rescue the hundreds of people killed on daily basis all over the world, and instead of putting all those efforts in finding cures for illnesses, Some find it the easiest and fastest to interfere with people’s wills and decisions. They find it more effective to steal their rights of choice in the name of “civilization”.
So France took the first step towards “democracy”, “freedom”, “justice”, “civilization” and “human rights protection” and prohibited wearing Hijab. And to follow its “successful” and “impressive” steps, Germany has finally prohibited “only” teachers from wearing Hijab in Baden-Württemberg for a start. BUT this prohibition did not include wearing neither Christian nor Jewish religious symbols, why? For very simple silly reasons: 1. “Hijab is a very obvious symbol!!” Well I guess a golden 1 meter long cross necklace isn’t that obvious, nor is the star of David printed on school bags and sweaters. And well, I think that’s right, a nun should have the right to teach, but a Muslim woman wearing Hijab shouldn’t, because Hijab is always THE MOST OBVIOUS!
2. “Hijab points out that women aren’t equal to men in Islam!!” And this is according to a protestant priest!! I guess this priest has no idea about Islam nor its rules. Because Islam is the religion that freed women from slavery and gave them back their rights. Islam is the religion that shows all people are equal and important.
And this very same priest along with a catholic one have raised a claim to “warn” the German government from editing the prohibition into: “not allowing Christian or Jewish symbols to be worn”. They want to stress the importance of spreading out this decision concerning Islam only without touching other religions.

Actually hearing news like this will make all Muslims even more proud for being Muslims, because it seems that Islam is the only religion that believes in the rights of other religions and gives them the freedom to practice their religious rights. And it has just occurred to me that there is a misunderstanding regarding Hijab. Non-Muslims think that Hijab is a sign of being conservative, or extremist or very strict, which isn’t true. Being a general religion that applies to all people of all kinds and level and regardless of their sex, Islam has nothing as sacrificing a part of society to offer servants for God. Because Muslims believe that there should be no one between the person and God, each have their rights to be the closest to God and to be able to pray for God and ask for his help without the interference of any one. And if the ones banning Hijab care to waste their precious time and spend few minutes on learning about Hijab, its reasons and its benefits, then they wont be doing this to Muslim women. They’ll know that Hijab is so far from being a conservative act. And just because Christians don’t all wear the nun clothes, that doesn’t mean that similar veils mean the ones wearing them are nothing but religiously-strict women.
Therefore it’s the most uncivilized, unfair and intolerant act ever to prohibit women from practicing their rights, because this -and not Hijab- is the symbol of discrimination and stealing the equality of women to men.

A very interesting post I’ve read concerning the issue of Hijab and the difficulties Muslim women face because of it is Crying Wolf/ Jalan-Jalan there is also this German website women in Germany have created to discuss their opinion and defend their right of wearing Hijab. The site is mein Kopftuch