Monday, April 26, 2004

Germanizer Gave Me Hope :)

I have come across this great German test at Germanizer . I scored 25, and got the following result: “Let me guess, your uncle’s name is Einstein? You are punctual, bright, and talk German like a native. In a word, you are now Germanized and ready for the club”. Actually, since I’m not having the chance to practice my German for around two years now, I feel that I’ve become bad in writing compared to how I used to be once :( Anyway, my speaking is a bit better I guess, so passing this test and getting such a result gave me back hope in my German skills. Actually the test is pretty fun, quick, asks in English, involves German slang, but it’s not considered a “real” skill-tester, but still, it’s always great to hear such encouraging words, isn’t it! Anyway, one thing I should disagree with in the result -and I guess all who know me are with me it this- is the “punctual” part, lol, I’m anything but punctual. Unless I have a life or death thing waiting for me, or it’s concerning a very urgent matter in the professional side of my life. Other than that, unfortunately I’m never punctual, in Germany I gave a very bad example of Arabs (although my two Arabic friends were so damn punctual). I guess it’s me, I’m always in a hurry, always rushing things, but never on time, unless it’s the first time we meet, then I’ll be there minimum 10 minutes earlier :P and it would be the first and last time you’ll get there after me ;)