Monday, April 26, 2004

Dido Is Different

In our time it’s really hard to find singers who deserve our respect, admiration and love. Because almost all of them have decided to focus on looks, sex appeals and inappropriate language to get people’s attention.
Turning on TV, most of the video clips are some revealed bodies of both men and women dancing in the background with the singers in front hugging, touching and kissing.
If it’s a woman singer, then you’ll find her dancing and shaking her “thing”, wearing the minimum limit of clothes to show off her body. And if it was a man then he’ll be surrounded with 80 to 90% naked women touching him and blowing kisses at him. That is just pathetic. It’s rude, desperate, uncreative, cheap, humiliating, and brings back women to the beginning of life on earth when she was nothing but a sex object. It’s anything but art and music.
And when you find someone who doesn’t depend on provoking sexual desires, and who offers great music, meaningful words and a wonderful talent, then you can’t but admire and respect that singer. And this is the case with Dido. Besides her beautiful angelic warm voice and her good looks, Dido offers music and songs that respect the human dignity show appreciation to her fans’ taste and most important of all, she never risks her reputation as a singer, she never looks for being a sex-idol, that’s why she succeeded. Day after day, Dido proves that she’s different than others. I love her songs and music. I love the respects she shows to audience and herself in her video clips. She’s simply amazing. I wish there is only more of her in this crazy world that have become nothing but a big zoo where women and men are looking for nothing but sexual intercourse, killing all beautiful meanings of this life, and losing all the superiority human beings once had.