Friday, April 30, 2004


I swear to God I can’t stop laughing every time I think of “swingers”. LOL!! To be honest, I never heard of it until recently, seems like I’m living out of the planet.
The first time I heard of it was in the series “Yes, Dear”, which I love so so much. Now when I knew what it meant, I couldn’t possibly imagine it. I mean it was the stupidest, most humiliating concept I’ve ever heard of, after homosexuality that is.
Married couples exchanging sexual partners?!! WHERE ARE WE LIVING!!!! They can’t be human beings, they must be some disgusting pegs!! YUCK!
I mean if they’re not capable of loyalty, sexual satisfaction with their partners, faithfulness and commitment, why the hell do they get married in the first place?? Just to give their filthy relationships a more “respectful” impression?
God, I can’t even find one good sentence I can put together to give a good reason.
That’s terrible, and it’s so damn funny, because I still don’t see the point in that. LOL! Married, but feel like exchanging husbands or wives for a change, isn’t that pathetic.
Well aside of it being pathetic and disgusting, it’s a shame. When a man can’t satisfy his woman, and when a woman can’t satisfy her husband; when marriage is turned into a very weak relationship full of boredom, routine, to a level where both parties start looking for an alternative to revive their feelings; when both parties are OK with “sleeping around”; and when all what controls two brains is sexual desire, then it is a shame, a disaster and a big problem that have no solution but to change this time we’re living in. This time in which Life is one big zoo with creature cheaper than animals living in it, screwing it, and destroying all its beauty in the name of civilization and improvement.
Now that people have become so empty, lost, contradicting and mad, they can do nothing but create new concepts to suit their disastrous lives, do stupid things to please their ego, and practice crazy habits to win others’ attraction.
Every two days we hear of a new religion, people start converting to it, just because it’s cool, just because it completely suits their lost selves, and give them the right to do whatever they please without feeling guilty. Every now and then new vocabulary are added to dictionaries of all languages, words that refer to corrupted societies, and an upside-down world. Every once in a while, we see a new sick phenomena, that becomes the trend of the year, and the way out for losers.
So looking at it, swingers are nothing new, they’re just another sick phenomena that labels our one of a kind, lost and crazy time.
And then social scientists and health responsible wonder: Where from are we getting all these problems?

Thursday, April 29, 2004

I Want To Bike... Without Getting Run Over Please ;)

I love bikes, they’re really healthy, practical and simply refreshing. I’ve always wished to go to work and back home using a bike. But every time this idea crosses my mind, I can’t help feeling insecure. I mean, I’d be killed so easily if I used one in a main street :P Which got me wondering, why don’t Arab countries have special routes for bikes? And I’m not talking about the special “biking places” where you can ride a bike as a hobby in a certain limited area, almost all Arab countries have those. But I’m talking about the biking-routes which are used for transportation just like cars.
I’ve never been to an Arabic country which has special routes for bikes all across it, maybe there is, but I personally don’t know. In Tunisia for example, there are places that have special paths, but not all places have them.
I know that there are some countries in which biking can be so tiresome and might even end up as a torture rather than a pleasant transportation device, like sunny countries of very high temperatures, or countries with many “ups & downs”. But what about the ones with a biking-suitable surface? It should be reconsidered, because when routes like this exist people will be more encouraged to use bikes instead of cars. This will decrease both traffic and pollution. On the other hand it will make it safer for those who cannot afford cars and already have bikes to use them.
There are times when you have to go get something from a certain place, which isn’t that close for you to go on foot, nor that far to start your car, a bike would be enjoyable in that case. There are times when you feel like going somewhere, but you think the weather is too beautiful to be missed when you’re in the car. There are times when you simply feel like enjoying a bike trip with friends or family, you feel like refreshing your energy and tanking in more sun rays, would there be something better than a bike?
Also for children, whose schools are in the neighborhood, why not use a bike to go there? They’ll be more active, healthier, and will save the parents the time of dropping them in and picking them up.
There are so many good reasons to use bikes instead of cars, I’m not saying to replace cars completely, coz that’s impossible in so many cases. But why don’t we use them from time to time, or every time we go to close places, when weather is ok?
I really wish we’ll be having bike routes with their own signs and maps soon in all Arab countries, and I’ll be the first to use them :) .

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Wann wird Deutschland endlich unschuldig fühlen? / An Anti-Semitism Conference In Berlin!

Immerwieder hört man, dass “Deutschland ein Ort Grauenvoller Erinnerungen für die Juden nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg war”. Deutschland und die Deutschen fühlen sich immer schuldig, wenn es um die Juden handelt. Fast alle Deutsche leiden unter was ich lieber “ein dauernhafte Schuldkomplex” nenne.
Eigentlich hat Deutschland stets versucht, freundschaftliche Bezeiehungen zu Israel einzugehen. Die israelische Regierung hatte aber jeden Kontaktversuch Deutschlands verweigert. Deshalb hat sich der erste deutsche Bundeskanzler Konrad Adenauer entschieden, den Umweg über jüdische Organisationen zu gehen, um mit ihnen über die so genannte “Wiedergutmachung” zu reden. Dann gab es “endlich” direkte Kontakte zwischen Israel und Deutschland. Und kurz danach verpflichtet sich die deutsche Bundesregierung darin zu Geld- und Sachleistungen an Israel. Bis Ende 2000 beliefen sich diese Leistungen auf etwa 55 Milliarden Euro.
Schritt für Schritt entwickelte sich die Freundschaft zwischen Israel und Deutschland. Begleitet wird diese Freundschaft auch durch zahlreiche Staatsbesuche. Allein in jüngster Vergangenheit reisten mehr als 20 deutsche Politiker nach Israel, Außenminister Joschka Fischer allein sieben Mal. Und umgekehrt gab es mehr als ein Dutzend Politikerbesuche von israelischer Seite in Deutschland.
Außerdem gibt es noch die wirtschaftliche Seite der Geschichte. Denn seit Jahrzenten arbeiten beide Länder zusammen. Deutschland ist nach den USA der wichtigste Handelspartner Israels.

Weil die Juden damals in Deutschalnd für einige Jahren unterlitten haben, nimmt Deutschland die Verantwortung der “Wiedergutmachung” und “Annäherung”. Die deutschen haben ALLES mögliches gemacht, um ihren “Schuld” wegzuwachen. Geld, Unterstützung, Besuche, Bücher gegen die Nazis und Hitler, Bücher für Israel und die Jüden, Anti- semitismus Kampagnen, und, und, und…
Sie haben alles getan um die Zufriedenheit und Freude Israels zu gewinnen. Die Frage, die man sich immer stellen soll, ist: Sind die Israelis jetzt froh! Sind sie mit alles, was Deutschland für sie getan hat, zufrieden? Ist Deutschland heute Schuld-Frei?
Viel wird für Israel getan, andererseits macht wider Israel noch andere Länder etwas, um die Palästinenser zu ritten, warum!! Sind die keine Leute? Ihr Land war gestohlen, ihren Häuser werden immer zerstört, sie leiden immer noch, und niemand macht was für sie. Alle schauen einfach an, alle bevorzugen Israel zu helfen, um die “Rassismus” gegen die Juden zu bekämpfen.
Die Palästinenser brauchen kein Geld, keine Bücher; Freeden genügt sie. Sie glauben daran, dass Palästina, das Land der dreien Religionen ist. Also wollen sie es nicht, die Juden rauss zu schmeissen. Sie wollen nur ihr Heimatland Palästina ritten, ihre Kultur und Geschichte verteidigen, sie wollen ihre Rechte haben. Leider niemand hört zu. Nach der Meinung der Welt, Palästinenser sind Terroristen, die getötet sollen. Alle haben vergessen, dass Palästina war nie die Heimat der Juden alleine, sie war und soll immer sein, die Heimat der dreien Religionen. Sie war immer die freedliche Palästina. Wer gibt das Recht sie ins “Israel” zu wechseln? Judentum? Ich glaube das Judentum ist eine Religion wie Christintum und Islam, sie wird es nie erlauben, Leute zu töten und so unglaubliche Taten gegen andere Leute zu führen, oder! Genügt es nicht ihr Land wegzunehmen? Warum sollen sie die Leute vernichten?
Ich wollte nur sagen, dass Deutschland nie vergessen wird, und wird immer sich als shuldig handeln. Berlin wird ein zwei Tage “Anti-Semitismuskonferenz” ausrichten.

Yes that’s true, the fact that Germany has paid 55 Billion Euros (till the end of 2000 only), and the fact that Germany is considered the second strongest trade partner of Israel (after USA), and the fact that Germany always have books against Nazis, Hitler and Pro-Israel available on the shelves, did not make Germany feel better, they still feel guilty, and therefore they’ve decided to host a 2 days Anti-Semitism Conference in Berlin to adopt a declaration and action plan to fight xenophobia and racism against Jews.
Just ahead of the conference, the U.S. Anti-Defamation League (ADL) published the results of its latest poll on anti-Semitism in Europe. The 10-nation survey found that while anti-Jewish sentiment has decreased across the continent, negative attitudes toward Israel are on the rise in most Western European countries.
And while France was praised for speaking against the anti-Semitic attacks in France and for launching a plan that includes extra security for Jewish sites and tough new penalties for those found guilty of anti-Jewish acts, only two European nations -- Britain and the Netherlands -- recorded increases in anti-Semitism, according to the survey. On the whole, the survey found that attitudes towards Israel have worsened in all 10 countries. Israel's "favorability" rating dropped to 23 percent from 28 percent in 2002. And as a comment on the results, The ADL's national director, Abraham Foxman said: “These findings reflect a bias against Israel in Europe among government and media".
Why can’t these findings be reflecting a REACTION rather than a bias?! Why would Europeans be against Israel? Didn’t he ask himself that question? Isn’t it possibly what Europeans are seeing on daily basis? Couldn’t it be the truth that reaches them through their Journalists and TV Reporters that worsened the attitudes towards Israel? Why is Israel always right with whatever it says, and everybody should follow what it suggests and answer what it asks for? Why do people believe they’re wrong and Israel is right, even if they know the truth? Why are people dying to get Israel’s approval on their countries? … What’s wrong with the world? Well I guess nothing’s wrong, only justice, truth and efficiency are missing, no big deal. All we have to do is think, feel and choose words that will please the ANTI-“anti-Semitism” campaigns regardless of what we actually feel, maybe then we’ll be called civilized, maybe then we’ll be just, maybe then Israel will feel better while cutting off the head of a dad in front of his own children…
Anyway, for all details you can check the following links: in German and in English .

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Jordan Saved From A Toxic Cloud

Jordanian authorities have broken up an alleged al Qaeda plot that would have unleashed a deadly cloud of chemicals in the heart of Jordan's capital, Amman.
The plot would have been more deadly than anything al Qaeda has done before, including the September 11 attacks. The plot was within days of being carried out, Jordanian officials said, when security forces broke it up April 20.
In a nighttime raid in Amman, Jordanian security forces moved in on the terrorist cell. After the shooting stopped, four men were dead. Jordanian authorities said. They said at least three others were arrested, including Azmi Jayyousi, the cell's suspected ringleader, whom Jordanian intelligence alleges was responsible for planning and recruiting.
On a confession shown on state-run Jordanian television, Jayyousi said he took orders from Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a suspected terrorist leader who has been linked to al Qaeda and whom U.S. officials have said is behind some attacks in Iraq.
The targets were the U.S. Embassy, the Jordanian prime minister's office and the headquarters of Jordanian intelligence.
"According to my experience as an explosives expert, the whole of the Intelligence Department will be destroyed, and nothing of it will remain, nor anything surrounding it," Jayyousi said.
Details of the alleged plot were shown yesterday on the Jordanian television, including graphics of how the cell apparently intended to carry out the attack.
In an videotape shown on Jordanian TV, Hussein Sharif said Jayyousi recruited him as a suicide bomber.
"The aim, Azmi told me, was to execute an operation to strike Jordan and the Hashemite Royal family, a war against the crusaders and infidels," Sharif said. "Azmi told me that this will be the first chemical attack that al Qaeda will execute."
Jordanian authorities said the attack would have mixed a combination of 71 lethal chemicals, which they said has never been done before, including blistering agents to cause third-degree burns, nerve gas and choking agents. For more details ClickHere
I have seen Azzam Jayyousi’s confession last night, and I must say that I felt like blowing up the T.V. I mean he was so cold-blooded, he talked as if he was going to kill a mosquito or something. And then he was like: “I thought by doing this I’ll be serving God, and that even if I got killed I will directly go to heaven”. WHY DO THEY HAVE TO GIVE A SHITTY PICTURE OF ISLAM.
Islam has nothing to do with this, and what I loved about the Jordanian authorities is that they have interviewed Muslim “sheikhs” of mosques and universities, and they have all agreed that killing in the name of Islam is the worst thing anyone can ever do. And they have proved by Islamic Sharee’a (teachings, rules and instructions of Islam) that whoever kills a person, it’s as if they have killed all humanity, and whoever saves a soul, is as if they have saved all humanity. Therefore whoever kills a Muslim on purpose, and whoever kills an innocent person will be heading straight to hell where he’ll be burnt over and over again.
THER WERE GOING TO KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE, I mean for God’s sake could you please save us the stupidity and please do something good in your lives. Why attack Amman? You’re not happy with their strategies? Not happy with the system there? So if we’re not happy then we kill and get rid of all those who we disagree with? Is that what our prophet was suffering to teach us? Is there no other way to negotiate but with bombing and killing? Have we forgotten that religion is all about bringing peace to the world, have we forgotten that Quran asked us to be constructive, to build, to add to the world’s improvement, not the opposite. Or is it that you have your own rules and your own religion and love to call it Islam!! Have you forgotten that one good thing brings 10 times the reward, and one bad thing brings10 times the punishment and disgrace!
Did you forget that even in war Muslims are not allowed to kill children, women, old people, animals and plants of the enemy?! And now you want to burn a whole city and let them suffer for generations not caring about all the innocent people who are going to be lost. So it’s ok to kill who you disagree with even if that meant losing your family and the good people who can add to the construction of society more than you with your corrupted heads will!
Thing twice before doing anything, and please read the Quran, and study the Islamic religion well, and most important of all that, please stop covering yourselves with Islam, coz Islam is innocent, peaceful and have so many ways of bringing happiness and well being to societies without harming a bee.

For Information in Arabic you can check Addustour and Aljazeera

A New Painting To Replace The Old Flag …

Yes the new so called Iraqi Flag , which by the way has nothing to do with Iraqi’s people choice, approval, nor preference, is -according to the proud designers- a replacement for Saddam’s Flag.
The new “thing” has two blue horizontal stripes signifying the two rivers Tigris and Euphrates (inspired from the Israeli Flag that points to the Great Kingdom of David: the “Great Israel”, being from the Nile river to the Euphrates river); a yellow stripe between the two blue ones symbolizes the Kurdish region in northern Iraq (or is it maybe a symbol of drowning the Kurdish region in the two rivers, after being done bombing every single Iraqi…no one knows); and above the three stripes there is a white background with a blue crescent, an Islamic symbol (to replace Allahu Akbar, but I wonder if Saddam’s era flag had the crescent already, would it be replaced with Allahu Akbar?!). Anyway, this whole “new painting” thing sucks, it’s really the proof of nothing but taking away people’s own freedom of choice in the name of democracy, and changing everything to what the new “controllers” believe is good, in the name of the poor people’s own interest.
You claim democracy? The people don’t want this stupid pale tasteless painting that you have offered as a flag, would you follow people’s choice? No, it wont be “democracy” if you did. People don’t want you interfering in everything single thing in their lives, would you stop sticking your nose? Noooooooo, you can’t be who you are if you stopped interfering. People don’t want to see your faces laughing on TV being happy about your games, trying to convince people they’re “important achievements”, would you democratic people listen to what people say? NO. People want you out of their country, they don’t want you killing their children in the name of improvement, they don’t want you stealing their food, in the name of investment, they don’t want you to torture them in the name of peace, they don’t want you wandering in their country in the name of security, and they want you to STOP making up excuses and inventing reasons to show the world you must stay, because the whole world knows your presence is not welcomed, it’s not doing anything good. Iraqis are killed, and so are your soldiers, and so is happiness. Iraqis are not happy, the whole Arab world is not happy, and most of the people all around the world are NOT HAPPY. Stop sacrificing people to smell blood and enjoy the sounds of rockets and bombs lighting up the sky of countries that were once peaceful. War on terror? TO HELL WITH WAR, WAR IS TERROR…
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Monday, April 26, 2004

Germanizer Gave Me Hope :)

I have come across this great German test at Germanizer . I scored 25, and got the following result: “Let me guess, your uncle’s name is Einstein? You are punctual, bright, and talk German like a native. In a word, you are now Germanized and ready for the club”. Actually, since I’m not having the chance to practice my German for around two years now, I feel that I’ve become bad in writing compared to how I used to be once :( Anyway, my speaking is a bit better I guess, so passing this test and getting such a result gave me back hope in my German skills. Actually the test is pretty fun, quick, asks in English, involves German slang, but it’s not considered a “real” skill-tester, but still, it’s always great to hear such encouraging words, isn’t it! Anyway, one thing I should disagree with in the result -and I guess all who know me are with me it this- is the “punctual” part, lol, I’m anything but punctual. Unless I have a life or death thing waiting for me, or it’s concerning a very urgent matter in the professional side of my life. Other than that, unfortunately I’m never punctual, in Germany I gave a very bad example of Arabs (although my two Arabic friends were so damn punctual). I guess it’s me, I’m always in a hurry, always rushing things, but never on time, unless it’s the first time we meet, then I’ll be there minimum 10 minutes earlier :P and it would be the first and last time you’ll get there after me ;)

Aventis Merges With Sanofi-Synthelabo

Aventis and Sanofi announced on Monday they have agreed to merge, ending months of hostilities and government pressure against a potential third party bidder. The board of Aventis accepted a raised takeover offer from its smaller rival, who had upped its bid by 14 percent.
This move is expected to create the world's third-largest drugs company behind U.S. giant Pfizer and Britain's GlaxoSmithKline.
More Details about the merge are available Here .

Dido Is Different

In our time it’s really hard to find singers who deserve our respect, admiration and love. Because almost all of them have decided to focus on looks, sex appeals and inappropriate language to get people’s attention.
Turning on TV, most of the video clips are some revealed bodies of both men and women dancing in the background with the singers in front hugging, touching and kissing.
If it’s a woman singer, then you’ll find her dancing and shaking her “thing”, wearing the minimum limit of clothes to show off her body. And if it was a man then he’ll be surrounded with 80 to 90% naked women touching him and blowing kisses at him. That is just pathetic. It’s rude, desperate, uncreative, cheap, humiliating, and brings back women to the beginning of life on earth when she was nothing but a sex object. It’s anything but art and music.
And when you find someone who doesn’t depend on provoking sexual desires, and who offers great music, meaningful words and a wonderful talent, then you can’t but admire and respect that singer. And this is the case with Dido. Besides her beautiful angelic warm voice and her good looks, Dido offers music and songs that respect the human dignity show appreciation to her fans’ taste and most important of all, she never risks her reputation as a singer, she never looks for being a sex-idol, that’s why she succeeded. Day after day, Dido proves that she’s different than others. I love her songs and music. I love the respects she shows to audience and herself in her video clips. She’s simply amazing. I wish there is only more of her in this crazy world that have become nothing but a big zoo where women and men are looking for nothing but sexual intercourse, killing all beautiful meanings of this life, and losing all the superiority human beings once had.

Star Academy’s Concert Tickets!

I heard the tickets for the concert were 15, 20 and 50 TND, now if that’s true then something has gotten into the heads of both the ones who are arranging for the concert and the people buying the tickets, specially when I get to know that since last week tickets were actually SOLD OUT!! Lol, I can’t believe this. I liked the Academy students, and I found them vital and full of excitement, but I wont pay that amount to attend one of their concerts. With all the respect to all of them and all their admirers, but they possess neither the good voices, nor the professional skills for me to go pay that amount! I mean give me a break, Saber Al- Ribai’, this great voice, and this big history of records and albums had his concert tickets sold for 10 and 15 TND maximum. Majeda Al-Roumi had it at the same price, and then comes the managers of the Arab Star Academy ask for more!!! But well, they have the right to ask for even more than that as long as the people out there have completely lost it to buy every single ticket and I’m sure they’re even willing to pay whatever it takes for their beloved star academy students! I call this taking advantage of the audience and fans.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Sex, Violence, Drugs, Drinking… No Problem with “Clear Play”

Finally parents shouldn’t be worrying about watching whatever movies along with their kids. Yes, that’s true, with the new Clear Play technique for DVD Players you can play any movie you desire without any worries about censoring any undesired scenes involving sex or violence, drugs, drinking or even bad language. It costs 70 US Dollars and skips all undesired scenes and mutes undesired savage language. Isn’t this wonderful!

JA Leute, keine elterliche Aufsicht ist jetzt beim Filmenabspiel nötig. Man kann jetzt Filme mit seinen Kindern ganz ruhig und sorgenfrei anschauen. Sex-, Gewalt-, Drogenszenen, und auch vulgäre Sprache spielen jetzt keine Rolle, wenn man nur ein DVD Player mit ClearPlay-Technik besitzt. Denn ClearPlay überspringt die ungewünschten Szenen und ausschaltet den Ton wenn vulgäre Sprache repräsentiert wird. Toll, oder!

"The Memory Hole" Exclusive:288 Photos Of American Soldiers' Coffins!

First it was Spain, then it was Honduras, will there be someone next to pull their troops from Iraq?!
Some countries took Spain’s and Honduras’ act as fear from terrorism attacks on their people as a result of their role in the war on Iraq, some interpreted it as concern for their young people who were sent there and are being killed for no reason but war, and last but not least, some explained it as “re-considering” this war and its goals.
Now no matter what the real reasons for pulling their troops are, these two countries must be congratulated for their decision.
If it was fear from terrorism, then it’s not something to be ashamed of at all, they should be proud that they care for their people and don’t want to risk more souls. They should be proud to take their people’s opinion into consideration. If it was concern for their soldiers, then it is something to be proud of as well, why leave them to suffer and get them killed, for what? If Bush doesn’t care about US soldiers, and doesn’t care how many are lost, and how many American families are suffering having their children kept away in Iraq to get killed, then Spain and Honduras do care.
Just this morning I have read about the American journalist Russ Kick who has exclusively published 288 photographs released by the Air Force of American soldiers’ remains and coffins arriving home in his blog TheMemoryHole . The Pentagon prevented the public from seeing these photos, now the whole world can see them. Americans will see their soldiers who were killed for war, who were killed because of Bush’s insistence on going on with killing innocent Iraqis, but unfortunately, it’s always the people who pay the price. Why should Iraqis, Americans and other nationalities be sacrificed for war?! Iraqis have the right to defend themselves and their families, they have the right to fight for their survival in their own homeland. And many soldiers are against this stupid war, but they only follow the orders. RESULT: more and more innocent people will be killed.
STOP WAR NOW! STOP THE BLOODSHED! No one wants to see more of these photos, no one wants to know their own son is in one of these coffins, no one wants to lose their beloved ones, and no one wants to lose their homeland!
For more information in German ClickHere

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Poor Prostitutes Need Protection :(

Despite the efforts of the German government to protect prostitutes, German prostitutes are still complaining about the violence, exploitation, poor working conditions and the social discrimination they’re experiencing in society. They are asking for more laws to guarantee their protection and rights.
And although the German government legalized prostitution 2 years ago, a lot of prostitutes prefer working secretly to avoid social discrimination.
So to help out sex-workers, a new law will be taking place , offering prostitutes a contract that would regulate holiday pay, sick pay and medical examinations during work time.
According to the Social Scientist Emilija Mitrovic, who has been making a study about prostitution in Germany and the ways to protect their rights, the contract would also ensure women a fixed income which could be transferred to their bank accounts. Yet one of the problems with the new prostitution law is that it does nothing to help foreign prostitutes, who constitute almost half of Germany sex workers, who don't have a legal work permit. Without it, they can't report ill treatment or exploitation to the police unless they want to run the high risk of subsequent deportation.
And at the time, in which paid sex is becoming a part of the 21st century's civilization, and in which prostitution is being legalized and even protected all over the world, in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and everywhere (unfortunately) I think there is this little thing governments and scientists pretend to be not aware of: why are their efforts to protect prostitutes failing?
If they can give some time trying to find an answer to this question instead of wasting their time in making pointless studies and unsuccessful laws that will never work, then they’ll be happier and so will be the community.
No law will ever guarantee the rights of prostitutes, simply because they have given those rights away freely, and you can’t force someone to take something they’ve chosen to give away. Prostitutes chose to sell their bodies, they chose to offer their respect and their dignity in return of money. They exchanged what’s priceless with what’s cheap and never lasting. You can’t force respect in the lives of those who are rejecting it every time they accept a cent in its place. You can’t protect them from violence if they themselves didn’t care about their bodies and exposed it to anyone who can afford enjoying it the way they please, the way they choose. You can’t force people to stop social discrimination, because those people, regardless of their position in society, and regardless of their beliefs, do not accept being equal to others who find it ok to be sex-machines, killing all human feelings, and giving away self-respect and dignity, two important things that distinguish between human beings and animals.
The world is ought to issue laws to protect human rights, in stopping such a nonsense, and preserving respect to one’s self. They’re ought to be paying efforts in studies about social health, the homeless and not some losers who have chosen the cheapest and most disgusting way to wealth.
Protecting prostitution is just like injecting someone with a deadly virus, and then trying to give them medicine and vaccinations. It’s either you’re too stupid, and have totally lost it to do such a thing, or you’re some psycho who enjoys the suffering of people and pretend to help them at the same time to free yourself from responsibility, or you’re some commercial bastard who finds it the best way to get people spending more money on medicine, or you’re some experimenting maniac who believes society is the right sample.
To hell with prostitutes, they’ve caused nothing but illnesses, corruption, and disrespect. Stop making them sound as victims, and stop trying to help them, because they are not helping themselves. Or is it that paid sex has increased the income and strengthened economy!! Then please don’t pretend to be caring about human rights, because you have replaced them with money… Stop lying to people. If you really care, you should find them working contracts in healthy environments, you should show them the right way and help society maintain its natural balance and healthy existence, you should find a place for self-respect, if you still remember it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The Riddle of Arabic Dialects…and I thought Algerian was complicated!!

Oh God!! I’m truly shocked! First I had to get used to the Tunisian dialect, which had a lot of new vocabulary, faster pace of talking and weird toning in question or comment phrases. Then I had to learn French deeper to know what Tunisian conversations are all about. After all this I meet few Libyan people, who have their own speed of speech and their somehow different vocabulary than Tunisians, but it was a piece of cake to me, because compared to the Tunisian dialect the Libyan one is easy.
I then get to meet some Algerian people, very few actually, but I used to know an Algerian girl in university and I understood nothing while she spoke in her dialect. She explained that it’s more difficult than eastern dialects and that in the North African countries it’s among the fastest and maybe the most difficult to some people.
In a quick visit to Jordan I got to meet many Algerian passengers on my way to Jordan and back to Tunisia, I understood nothing while they talked to me. I thought back then that it was the most complicated and most difficult dialect ever.
Not until I got this job I have now, which gives me the chance to contact so many nationalities, specially Moroccans.
On the phone, I can never manage to speak in Arabic in any dialect I know with a Moroccan. It’s impossible. I don’t understand a word they say, and they don’t understand anything I say even if it was in the Tunisian dialect. And if I was lucky enough, the one I’m talking to would know English, if not, then I’m telling you It’s a DISASTER!! Because even in French, they speak unbelievably FAST! And for a person with basic knowledge in French, like me, it is really hard.
Anyway, other than the sticky situations I have to get in every time I have to speak to a Moroccan, I got really curious and started tuning in to Moroccan and Algerian TV channels to learn more about their culture, their dialect and their traditions. And it was a great idea. I loved noticing these tiny differences in the music instruments, the beats, the clothes, the cooking and mostly the dialects.
To be honest, Algerian is a lot easier than Moroccan, and as it’s the case with all dialects, I guess it’s just a matter of getting used to a dialect that makes it sound easy and understandable or not .
And listening deeply to the dialects, it is a great joy to know how people place words, what structure do they follow and why.
And I mean no offense to Moroccans, they’re great people, but their dialect messed up the positions of words we’re used to. I heard many sentences in which they replace the phrases weirdly. I wish I can give examples, but I felt it was just like translating French sentences, in French structure, and French order. It was weird. And talking of French, well, Moroccans use French more than Tunisians and Algerians.
An interesting fact I noticed is that the Tunisian, Libyan, Moroccan and Algerian dialects have some things in common, things that eastern dialects do not have.
Here are some examples of what I’ve personally noticed, and it’s just a personal remark, depending mostly on my knowledge of the Tunisian accent. Here we go :
1. Most of the words in the 4 dialects are pronounced by beginning and ending with what we call in Arabic (Sokoun) I don’t know how to say it English, but I can give examples, Sokoun is like the “g” in “grey” not like “gothic” for example. Or like the “d” in “dress” and not “domestic”. It’s the status of pronunciation of a certain letter as it is, and without being accompanied with an “o”, “a”, or “i/e”. Ah, bad interpretation, but well, I did my best :) Anyway, in eastern dialects, we call the moon: “Qamar”, in North African dialects they call it: “Qmar”. We have the name “Hassan”, they have the name “Hssan”.
2. In the east, we pronounce the “a” straightly, like “harm” for example, except for Lebanon, who pronounce most of the “a” letters like the North African countries as an “ay”, like “bay” for example and write it in English or French as an “e”. So we say: “Islam”, they say “Islem”, we have the name “Marwan”, they have the name “Marwen”.
3. North African dialects use a lot of “sh” in the end of some words, more than the eastern ones. For example to ask “how” in Arabic, it’s supposed to be “Kaifa” in standard Arabic, in eastern dialects, we say “Keaf”, and in North African ones they say “Keefesh”. They add the “sh” to make a verb interrogative as well, like when we ask: “isn’t lunch ready yet?”, in eastern dialect we say: “jihiz/ hidir il ghada?”, in Tunisian they say: “hdarshi il ftour?”, or when asking: “didn’t I tell you?” , in the east we say: “ma oltillak/ ma hakeetlak?” but here they say: “qoltlakshi?”. Also when saying: “did you like it!” we say: “ajabak”, but here they say: “ajbekshi?”. Of course they can also use the verb without the “sh”, but I’m listing the things that are odd compared to the eastern dialects whether used regularly or not that often.
4. In eastern dialects the letter “qaf” which doesn’t exist in English, and let me symbolize it with “q” is pronounced either: “a” as in (add), or “k” as in (car), or “g” as in (goal). But in North African dialects they mostly pronounce it as it is “q”, if not then they pronounce it as “g” like (goal). So for pen we say: “alam, kalam, galam” and they say: “qlam”.
5. The plural is different. In eastern dialects there are two kinds of plural, taking Tunisia as an example, it’s mostly what we call in standard Arabic the “takseer” plural. That doesn’t mean that one of the dialects is necessarily more correct than others, because sometimes a word can have two different yet correct plural forms. So for “birds” we say: “asafeer”, they say: “a’safer”. For “buildings” we say: “binayat, or amarat” they say: “banyat”. LOL! Just remembered a couple of weird plural forms Tunisians use, one is for “horses”, we say “ohosne”, they say “hsonya” looool, I wish I knew how they got to such a complicated and weird form. The other word is for “balloons” we say: “baloonat”, they say “anbeyil”, lol, it’s really weird, I mean we mostly use one of either forms, so in the east, let’s say for trees for example, you can either say “shajarat” or “shajar”, for papers either “waraq” or “wraq”. But for cars you can only say: “sayyarat” and for walls only (heetan) it’s so close to standard arabic. In North African countries, it’s different, they have a form for each group of words, they don’t have a rule, it’s weird, for example:
A lamp is “anboubah”, plural is “anboubat”, a balloon is “anboula” but the plural is “anbeyil”. A luggage “feleejah” in plural is “ feleejet”, but a sock “kalseetah” in plural is “klaset”!
“Bnayya” (girl) in plural is “bnet”, whereas the plural of “sbeya” (lady) is “sbaya”. “Imtihan” (exam) in plural is “imtihanet”, but “hsan” (horse) in plural becomes “hsonya”!! “kar” (bus) becomes “keeran” but “dar” (house) becomes “diar”!! “karhba” (car) in plural is “kraheb”, but “maktba” (library) becomes “maktbet”?! The plural of “shebbek” (window) is “shbebek”, but the plural of “kteb” (book) is “ktobbah”. “Mongela” (watch) becomes in plural “mnegel”, yet “nemmelah” (ant) becomes “nemmel”. “S’han” (plate) becomes “osohna” in plural, but “qlam” (pen) becomes “aqlem”, and “qjarr” (drawer) becomes “qjarret”…and so on. I just love this :)

6. The stressed syllables differ. In eastern dialects it’s so close to the standard Arabic. The stress is mostly on the first syllable, whereas it’s mainly on the last when it comes to Tunisia for example. So we’d say the name “amal” more like : [A]mal, whereas they would say it: am[AL]. We’d say: [MO]na, they’d say mo[NEEE]. We say [MUS]tafa, they say must[FA].
7. They have the tendency to give more length to short names, lol, I like that. So we’d say Hiba, they’d say Heeeba, we’d say Suha, they’d say Suheee.
8. This point only Arabic speakers will understand, which is the difference between 2 letters that do not exist in English. Let me point to the first with “d” as is “dayyiq” (tight) and the other with “dh” as in “odhfar” (nail). Now in east (except for Gulf areas) they use the “d” to pronounce all words with either “d” or “dh”, whereas in the North African countries they use the “dh” more. But there is a little problem, which is in east (except for Gulf areas), in schools they pronounce both and teach the difference between both, but in North African countries and the Gulf area, most of the people are not aware of the difference in pronunciation therefore children face big difficulties distinguishing between both letters and use the “dh” to all words with “d” or “dh”.

I find it always fascinating to learn about Arabic dialects… There are many other exciting differences, some I know, but I feel I’ve already written too much :P and some I don’t know of because I didn’t get deep enough in other North African dialects.
Anyway, each dialect has its own taste and its own beauty, but well, I miss my dialect and I guess it’s natural for me to feel it’s the easiest and most practical :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Labels Required For Genetically Modified Food

In the European Union, rules are put in place on the labelling of foodstuffs to enable European consumers to get comprehensive information on the contents and the composition of food products. Labelling helps consumers to make an informed choice while purchasing their foodstuffs.
A new EU directive requiring labels for genetically modified (GM) food took effect Sunday, but unfortunatelt excluding animal products at the moment.
I totally support the directive. Such a requirement would really help make the right choice. So many people are against GM products and need such a step to make it easier for the people to avoid them. And it will make it up to the consumer to choose what to buy instead of having no clue what he’s eating. On the other hand, labeling might cause other unpleasant results, such as experiencing a raise in the costs of non-GM products, or even an increase in the prices of all products to make up for the additional testing expenses.
"Genetically modified crops in general are dangerous for human health and also for the environment because what the g.e. (genetic engineering) industry is doing is putting new genes into new organisms, like taking a growth gene from a fish and putting it in a tomato," said Ulrike Brendel of Greenpeace Germany. "And of course nobody can predict what effects such a crude effort is having on human food and the environment."
If it was up to me, instead of all this mess I’ll simply prohibit GM products, let’s all get back to nature and stop interfering with it. I know this costs a fortune, and wont keep up with the huge demand, but instead of thinking of financial loss, we should find solutions to lead healthy lives, and if we make this our first priority then we’ll sure work it out in a way to avoid financial loss.
I don’t know, it’s just that I’ve always hated this stupid interference with nature. We don’t need genetically modified ingredients, why can’t we leave nature in peace!!

What's Up In Tunisia!

The European Film Festival:Tunisia will be hosting the European Film festival which will start on the 21st of this month and end on the 8th of May. Germany, England, Austria, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Sweden as well as Tunisia will be participating in this festival. The festival will take place in Tunis, Sousse, and Sfax.
More details are available Here in Arabic.

The International Book Exhibition:The opening will be on April 22, it will take place in the Kram Exhibition Hall as usual. The exhibition offers a wide range of international books of all fields: science, medicine, literature, cooking, novels, short stories, catalogues of countries, encyclopedias and much much more. Last year it was really huge and it was very interesting, and although there are books in different languages, mainly French, Arabic and English, but unfortunately French are the most available on the shelves. And the funny part is that all books that draw my attention are in French, lol, and even funnier is the fact that they choose to have the exhibition in the last week of the month, when people are hardly managing to go on with what’s left of their salaries. But well, whether you’re gonna buy or not, just hanging out with people and enjoying the sight of the books is enough to make your day. Make sure not to miss it.

Arab Star Academy Concert: The Star Academy members of the first Arab Star Academy ever will be holding 2 concerts, one on May 1st, and the other on May 2nd. Mosaique FM is taking care of the advertising campaign ;) and is informing people about where to get their tickets.
I think so many people can’t wait to go watch a live concert for the Star Academy people, specially that there are two Tunisians, Bahaa and Ahmad among them. And talking of them, they had nice voices, but in my opinion the Star Academy program was unfair to Ahmad, he had a really really beautiful voice, was able to sing in different accents, he should’ve reached the finals, but then again, it’s a matter of luck and a matter of voting.
Anyway, all of them are sweet and I guess their concerts will be a great success :)

Saturday, April 17, 2004

USA: We Didn't Give Israel The Green Light To Assassinate Al Rantisi

Today, The new Hamas Leader Abdelaziz Al-Rantisi was killed in a new terrible Israeli missile attack. I wont go on talking about details and reactions, as you must all probably know that by now. But what I guess is needed is a bit of help in explaining the term "Green Light", coz it seems some native speakers are not fully aware of this definition.
If vetoing a UN resolution condemning the Sheikh Yassin assassination is not a green light to kill more people, and if endorcing Sharon plans is not a green light for him to do whatever he pleases, then what is considered a "Green Light"?
Just for the record, giving the green light does not mean lighting up a green lamp guys...
Oh and one more thing, I even doubt if Sharon actually needs a green light, he has reached a level in which he gives no shit about anyone anymore.
But still the whole world should know, these desperate assassinations will never solve the problem, they will only give Palestinians the motive to never stop fighting, because they become more certain day by day that no one else will ever give them back their rights.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Who Said It’s Some Tobacco Wrapped In Paper!

In an argument with one of my teachers in university, he said, his friend proved that smoking is healthy. In a simple equation he elaborated:
Smoking= Pleasure, Pleasure= Happiness, Happiness= Good Health, SO Smoking= Good Health. Therefore Smoking is healthy… Every time I remember this I have a big smile on my face. I was impressed with the means of explanation and the weird connection. But it made me always wonder about the pleasure of smoking.
Because despite all efforts to stop the percentage of smokers from rising, a lot of people choose to try the taste of danger and enjoy the smoky smell of cigarettes burning.
Many smoke just for the sake of trying, they want to answer the many questions their curiosity pose to reveal the secret of smoking. Why do people smoke?
And whether you’ve already tried to light up a cigarette or not, I’m sure you have at least an idea about this.
People smoke, because smoking is powerful. They satisfy inner desires and reach the peak of their self-confidence and happiness while smoking. To so many, a cigarette represents the hidden power within us. It shows manhood, freedom, independency, ability of choice and authority to take decisions. To many others, cigarettes are just like accompanying accessories. They complete the picture of a grown up man, they add to the sex-appeal of a woman, and having it on our desks or tables adds a cool touch to the décor.

Smoking is a language, cigarettes are the translators. When a guy blows the smoke in a lady’s face, some interpret it as a sign of admiration and an attempt of drawing attention. On the other hand a guy blowing smoke in another guy’s face could have at least three meanings:
- I don’t like you, shut up and get the hell out of here.
- I’m trying to piss you off .
- You’re my type (in case of gays :P)
When a woman is smoking, she feels more attractive and sexy. She feels the feminine side of her glowing and attracting all eyes. She could be trying to show she’s different, or that she’s broken the chains of society.

Lighting up a cigarette can tell you about the person’s mood. If the cigarette was with the morning coffee, then the person is just enjoying his time, maybe feels like talking a bit, or is simply practicing a daily habit.
When it comes after lunch or dinner, it shows the tendency to relax and top the yummy meal with a personal delight. And then again it could just be a daily habit.
Yet when it comes in a time the person does not usually smoke at, then it expresses the need for a break. OR it could be a relief for the anger that is about to explode and destroy everything around. A cigarette in the middle of the night is a great way to keep company, fight loneliness and forget sorrows.

Cigarettes are part of body language too. The way a person holds the cigarettes could show whether he’s serious or nervous, if he’s confident or helpless, if he’s happy or sad, if he’s angry or satisfied, and if he’s well-behaved, civilized or some savage street boy.
A cigarette could be an instrument to provoke a guy through the way a woman holds her cigarette, and the way she smokes it.
Both sexes use cigarettes to show off certain characteristics, or even social levels. From the trade mark of a cigarette you can guess if the smoker is delicate, rich, or a heavy smoker.
Cigarettes are communication-bridges. A smoker can find it very easily to find his way to start a conversation, simply by asking for a lighter.
Cigarettes are a sign of addiction, they are a sign of obsession. There could be nothing more pleasant than cigarettes to offer to your guests if they’re smokers, if not then cigarettes could be the most offensive thing to offer.
No matter what for you light up a cigarette, and no matter what this cigarette means to you, there is only one fact you should always remind yourself of: cigarettes are instruments of transporting tobacco and nicotine into your body and polluting the environment.
So if not for your health, nor for others’, and if not for the environment, then let it be for the sake of freeing yourself from its spell, and for the sake of proving your real independence and success. Try to quit smoking, and try to express yourself with the help of no one but you.
Because all what you think a cigarette symbolizes is nothing, you’re the one who gives it all those meanings. And no matter how hard you’d try to convince yourself of its importance I tell you, they’re nothing but some tobacco wrapped in paper. Don’t let something as silly as this take control of you and your life. It’s not that easy to get rid of it because of the addiction to both nicotine and what it means to you, but still it’s not impossible. With strong will and determination you can work wonders, and step by step there will be no space left for cigarettes in your life.
And well, Good Luck…

Pig Brother

Big Brother has become old-fashioned, you can enjoy a better and more successful show now: Pig Brother!
A website launched by the German Hunting Association in March, providing a 24 hour coverage of the lives of 6 pigs has drawn more than 1.5 MILLION visitors within 2 WEEKS.
This DJV-site aims at fostering wildlife protection and allows adults and kids a unique view of the animal kingdom.
According to the “Tageszeitung” newspaper, most of the visitors log in to enjoy the sexual adventures of the group’s alpha male: Kalle.

Actually I like animals, and I enjoy knowing more about their adventures and lives. But I’m not gonna watch a group of them 24 hours a day!
Anyway, some 1.5 million people and more seem to disagree with me. In the end of the day, whether it’s watching a bunch of pigs or a group of people doing crazy things, nothing really matters, people want to enjoy themselves and forget about their problems… add to this the presence of un-censored sex!! Lol.
For more information ClickHere , this website is German but has an English part of it. It offers a display of pictures and video sequences of the most impressive scenes. Many texts for adults and kids give information about the observed game, there is a newsletter, screen-backgrounds to download, and new functions that are continuously added.
Links related to Pig Brother in English:
In French:
In German:

Thursday, April 15, 2004

“Hello Kitty” To Promote Friendship In Japan

In its first attempt ever to use a toy character for promotional reasons, the European Union delegation has decided to use the highly popular Hello Kitty cartoon character to publicize the Euro and promote friendship in Japan.
"We just want to convey a friendly, human face of the European Union," said Etienne Reuter, head of the delegation's press section. The EU wants to give "little presents to people so that they will remember the EU or be more aware of what the EU stands for," Reuter said.
The delegation has already ordered 2,000 Hello Kitty cell phone straps and key rings and will buy more if the promotional items prove successful.
On the promotional material, the traditional pinks and reds Hello Kitty wears on her chest have been replaced with blue and yellow, the starry EU flag and the "€" logo to promote Europe's new currency.
I’ve always loved “Hello Kitty” myself, and still have some old toys and bags of it :)

Three Years Old :)

Yesterday my nephew became 3 years old. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to share my sister and her family these sweet moments because of distance. Specially that her little boy means the world to me and to all of our family members. He’s the first grandchild of the family, and he’s the son of our favorite beautiful sister. I wished I’d be there, but well, I’ll be getting pics at least, and maybe a recorded video tape if I was lucky enough.
Mohammed Jr. (as my parents call him to distinguish between him and my brother who has the same first name) is really a unique boy. He’s so polite, so innocent, yet can be the naughtiest kid ever. He’ll grow up to be a responsible man with a very big heart. He knows the moves of the prayers, and he’s excellent at all dances, and just love being around pretty girls of all ages ;) We watched our wedding tape last night and saw him and everybody. He was soooooooo cute and sooooooooo little. He’s simply adorable, and loves Barney and strawberries :) And as usual, watching the wedding tape made me miss them all so much. It was the happiest day of my life because we were all gathered together in one place.
Yesterday, when we called to pass our birthday greetings, we talked to sis, and I was so happy because she sounded more relaxed than when she first arrived to Canada.
And although she’s still not that familiar with the country, nor so happy with her social life or life activities, but I know deep inside that she’s gonna make it, and she’ll lead a very successful life. Because I know her, she has the strongest will among us all, and she is smart and energetic enough to make her life full of happiness and great experiences. Not to forget her husband’s support, he helps her out with the kids and everything, and he cooks really well :) And last but not least, the presence of my brother, and his help will top it all with a wonderful touch of warmth, hope and security, and will help her feel the sense of belonging.
Happy Birthday Mohammad Jr. and wish to be there in your coming Birthday :)

Ein Gehirnchip für Gelähmte

Eine neue Technik der Brown University, Massachusetts, hat es ermöglicht, Computer allein durch Denken zu steuern. Ein zwei Quadratmillimeter Gehirnchip wird über dem Ohr eingepflanzt, und in der Nähe des Gehirnareals gebracht, das für Bewegungen verantwortlich ist. Der Kontakt wird durch Elektroden auf der Oberfläche des Chips hergestellt. Über ein Kabel steht der Chip nach der Operation mit dem Computer in Verbindung und der Patient kann ihn allein mit seine Gedanken lenken.
Eine sehr interessante und hilfreiche Technik, trotzdem fürchten die Kritiker, dass die Risiken der Operation zu hoch sind.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Work Diaries 2: the chase.

For the last few weeks I’ve been working my head off on almost everything concerning the office. So basically I’d return home with figures, telephone numbers, faxes and emails playing in the background of my mind and driving me crazy. Then I have my usual housework, some cooking, and well, some TV watching if I was lucky enough to keep my eyes open.
When I have my French course it’s a lot WORSE. I finish work, try to gather what’s left from energy to move my feet and reach the closest bus station, where I never find a place to sit neither while waiting for the bus nor when I finally get inside the bus. So I spend an extra half an hour standing, sometimes an hour –all depends on the traffic- and finally I reach the center, in which I need some kind of miracle to be able to focus and keep my sleepy-tears from falling down. And because I’m dead tired, and have no idea what the hell my class is talking about, it’s a piece of cake to laugh at anything, yet terribly hard to hold back a laugh.
Anyway, I really had no private time to enjoy myself or rest, and no matter how long I sleep I always feel I need more.
The problem is that all the hard work I’m doing is mainly for one client visit who’s coming from outside Tunisia to visit us for the FIRST time. That’s why we wanted everything to be even more perfect than they usually are. And for this very reason my boss pointed out more than once that on this day we both have to be present on time ready for a presentation and a respectful welcome, and that he’ll be picking up the client, i.e. I’ll have to be in the office before they get there.
Now this day happens to be TODAY! Therefore, yesterday my boss reminded me and I was like: “don’t worry at all, I’ll be there on time”.
The thing is I’m not always late, I have to be on my desk at 8, and mostly I’m on time, or I’m there 8:15, which is ok, since I don’t go out for my lunch break. But TODAY the alarm rings and I don’t wanna get out of bed! Worse than that is I didn’t feel guilty about it, I just wanted to have extra couple of minutes to sleep. I mean what could I possibly do? I had NO POWER to stand up. Anyway, I finally get out of my bed, go wash my face, brush my teeth and prepare my small lunch meal, and then my husband calls out: “Eman, we’re late it’s 08:15” only then I knew I ruined everything and that I’ve put myself in a very embarrassing situation.
I knew my boss will be there at 8:15 with the client, they've sure arrived and I’m not there!!!
On our way to work my husband goes like: “Isn’t this your boss in the car in front of us?”, I was happy first that he didn’t reach the office yet, but then I realized that we’d be there in the same time and that this will mean a very big problem, anyway, my dear husband did his best to take shortcuts and be faster than him, but still the minute we reached the building there was no sign for his car, which has two meanings: he either reached the garage, or, he still didn’t reach the office. I wished it was the second guess. Anyway, I get inside and THERE I find the lift pointing to (-1) which means the garage, I realized the boss and I will meet in the lift WITH THE CLIENT, which will be so damn embarrassing. Anyway, I had to do something evil to rescue my reputation as a punctual and professional assistant, and all the thanks go to my husband who never stops tricking me. The thing is one day my husband and I were out and when we reached home I suggested he uses the stairs in an attempt to encourage him follow a healthy lifestyle, and since I was sick that day, I needed to rest, so I took the lift and to encourage him I said: “let’s see who reaches home first”, he smiled and went. And I had to stop in EVERY DAMN FLOOR, because my husband pressed the lift button in EVERY DAMN FLOOR to make sure he’d get there first.
And although it really got on my nerves then, but today I thank God he came up with this idea, because it rescued me. Yes, you guessed right, I had to do this to the boss and the client. I had no other choice. I called for the lift in (0) the ground floor, then ran to (1) pressed the button there as well, ran to (2) did the same, and finally reached the office, turned on the lights, the pc, took off my jacket and there was I ready on time to welcome my boss who was totally embarrassed of some “crazy, annoying, irresponsible, naughty little boy” who has called for the lift in all floors ;) and the client who was happy to find a reliable employee taking care of the work :) I guess being a naughty little boy every now and then can really save the day ;)

Monday, April 12, 2004

Vote for Arab SuperStar 2

So yesterday was the performance of the first group of the first 14 participants that have reached Beirut. They were all AMAZING. And everything was just so perfect.
The participants were:
From Palestine: Ammar Hasan.
From Syria: Wa’ad Al Bahri, Mohammad Daqdouq, Reem Mahrat, Hala Qaseer.
From Lebanon:Zahi Safiyyeh, Eli Kallas, Hadi Al Mallah, Raneen Al-Sha’ar.
From Morocco:Nadia Al-Kirkabi.
From Oman:Issa Shbibi.
From Jordan: Rose Al-Wirr.
From Saudi Arabia: Abdelmajeed Ibrahim.
From Kuwait: Salim Msa’id.

Actually it’s truly hard to choose, they were all wonderful, but the best according to me were : Ammar Hasan, Eli Kallas, Abdelmajeed Ibrahim, and Rose Al-Wirr. And I’d vote for either Eli or Ammar. I think they’re on the top of my list. And it’s not because Eli has a handicap as a result of an accident, but because I’ve never seen someone emotionally involved while singing like him, add to this his warm beautiful voice, I guess that qualifies him. And Ammar has a great beautiful voice and deserves to win as well.
What about you? You still have a chance to vote till tonight at 9 p.m. so don’t miss the chance and vote .
For a total Arab SuperStar coverage ClickHere .

Welcome Al-Jazeera Mobile!

The Jordanian FastLink and the Jazeera News Network have launched a new interesting service: Al-Jazeera Mobile. A service that offers a news coverage through the mobile network to offer the Fastlink clients and users the latest international and regional news in all fields: politics, sports, technology and everything.
This is a great step that I personally admire.
For more information ClickHere

Alkohol VS Tabak

Seit langem gibt es Vereinigungen und Gesundheitsorganisationen, die uns vor der Gafahr des Rauchens warnen. Immer wieder hören wir neue Informationen über den tödlichen Folgen des Rauchens, und wie wir das Rauchen kämpfen sollen. Andererseits hört man fast nichts übers Trinken.
Viele Leute glauben, daß Rauchen gefährlicher als Trinken ist. Diese Leute haben unterschiedlichen Ausreden um das Trinken zu verteidigen. Niemand hat den Mut zu erklären wie stark Alkohol die Gesundheit beschädigt. Nicht bis zum die Weltgesundheitsorganisation (WHO) eine Studie über dieses Thema gemacht hat um zu erklären wie schädlich Alkohol ist. Das britische Wissenschaftsjournal 'Nature' (Bd. 428, S. 598) hat diese Studie diskutiert in einem Versuch die Leute von den Nachteilen des Trinkens bewußt zu machen.
Die Studie zeigte, daß die größten Alkoholprobleme in den ehemals sozialistischen Ländern Osteuropas und der früheren Sowjetunion sowie in Lateinamerika sind, wo zwischen 8 und 20 Prozent aller Todesfälle darauf zurückzuführen sind. Auf dem zweiten Platz liegen die reichen Industrieländer. In Europa - mit Ausnahme Osteuropas - und Nordamerika ist das Trinken demnach für fünf bis acht Prozent aller Todesfälle verantwortlich. Am geringsten sind arabische Länder betroffen. Warum! Weil die größte Teil der arabischen Ländern muslim ist. Und Alkoholtrinken ist verboten in Islam, weil es die Gesundheit schadet und die Bewußt wegnimmt, was die Tür für unverantwörtlichen Taten öffnet, d.h. die Stelle des Menschen als eine reife und kontrollierte Persönlichkeit wird verloren, etwas, das der Mensch immer bedauern wird. Andererseits kann man viele Probleme als Folge des unverantwörtlichen Verhaltens begegnen.
Leider gibt es viele Muslime, die die Gesetze Islams nicht folgen, außerdem gibt es die christliche Teil der Araber, die alkohol trinken dürfen. Deswegen, findet man eine kleine Prozent der Araber, die Alkohol trinken.
Eigentlich, glaube ich, daß so eine Studie sehr hilfreich und notwindig ist. Und hoffe, daß die Gesundheitsverantwortlichen mehr Mühe geben werden, um das Trinken stärker zu bekämpfen und “alkohol-freie” gesunde Generationen zu haben.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Islamic Veil Prohibited While Working In Germany, We're Finally Civilized Inside Out!

So once again among all critical problems in the world, the Islamic veil (Hijab) seems to be the most dangerous, most uncivilized and most unwelcome “problem” to the European countries. So instead of solving environmental problems, or try find a way to rescue the hundreds of people killed on daily basis all over the world, and instead of putting all those efforts in finding cures for illnesses, Some find it the easiest and fastest to interfere with people’s wills and decisions. They find it more effective to steal their rights of choice in the name of “civilization”.
So France took the first step towards “democracy”, “freedom”, “justice”, “civilization” and “human rights protection” and prohibited wearing Hijab. And to follow its “successful” and “impressive” steps, Germany has finally prohibited “only” teachers from wearing Hijab in Baden-Württemberg for a start. BUT this prohibition did not include wearing neither Christian nor Jewish religious symbols, why? For very simple silly reasons: 1. “Hijab is a very obvious symbol!!” Well I guess a golden 1 meter long cross necklace isn’t that obvious, nor is the star of David printed on school bags and sweaters. And well, I think that’s right, a nun should have the right to teach, but a Muslim woman wearing Hijab shouldn’t, because Hijab is always THE MOST OBVIOUS!
2. “Hijab points out that women aren’t equal to men in Islam!!” And this is according to a protestant priest!! I guess this priest has no idea about Islam nor its rules. Because Islam is the religion that freed women from slavery and gave them back their rights. Islam is the religion that shows all people are equal and important.
And this very same priest along with a catholic one have raised a claim to “warn” the German government from editing the prohibition into: “not allowing Christian or Jewish symbols to be worn”. They want to stress the importance of spreading out this decision concerning Islam only without touching other religions.

Actually hearing news like this will make all Muslims even more proud for being Muslims, because it seems that Islam is the only religion that believes in the rights of other religions and gives them the freedom to practice their religious rights. And it has just occurred to me that there is a misunderstanding regarding Hijab. Non-Muslims think that Hijab is a sign of being conservative, or extremist or very strict, which isn’t true. Being a general religion that applies to all people of all kinds and level and regardless of their sex, Islam has nothing as sacrificing a part of society to offer servants for God. Because Muslims believe that there should be no one between the person and God, each have their rights to be the closest to God and to be able to pray for God and ask for his help without the interference of any one. And if the ones banning Hijab care to waste their precious time and spend few minutes on learning about Hijab, its reasons and its benefits, then they wont be doing this to Muslim women. They’ll know that Hijab is so far from being a conservative act. And just because Christians don’t all wear the nun clothes, that doesn’t mean that similar veils mean the ones wearing them are nothing but religiously-strict women.
Therefore it’s the most uncivilized, unfair and intolerant act ever to prohibit women from practicing their rights, because this -and not Hijab- is the symbol of discrimination and stealing the equality of women to men.

A very interesting post I’ve read concerning the issue of Hijab and the difficulties Muslim women face because of it is Crying Wolf/ Jalan-Jalan there is also this German website women in Germany have created to discuss their opinion and defend their right of wearing Hijab. The site is mein Kopftuch

Star Academy LBC: The Final Prime

So Star academy has come to an end, making the Egyptian Mohammad Atiyya the First Star of the Arabic Star Academy. Unfortunately I couldn’t watch all primes but still I was lucky enough to watch the final :) and I must say Lebanon did pretty a great job with the organizing, decoration and everything. The dances were wonderful and both Mohammad Atiyya and Bashar Al-Shatti were amazing. Actually I can’t judge since I’ve only seen the final result, but I found it really difficult to choose between the two, each has his own style and his own nice character. Bashar, although didn’t win the title, but still I liked his performance, his presence and his very great ability to sing in different dialects. So I believe that even if he wasn’t the Star, but still he might have great success in his future as a singer.
And most wonderful of all was the great since of friendship that accompanied the finalists as well as the ones who couldn’t make it to the final level. It was amazing. The only thing I didn’t like that much was this totally transparent dress Hielda Khaleefeh was wearing :P Although I’ve been always impressed with this lady’s presentation and introducing abilities and I’ve always liked her, but I just don’t like dresses that are so much revealing, specially that the beautiful Hielda doesn’t need anything revealing to show her beauty. Anyway, it’s just a personal opinion and that doesn’t change the fact of her being really elegant :)
I’ve watched The WorldBest and some other young people from non-arab countries, and I should admit that Arabs have shown great talent, great taste and great performance. And the LBC Star Academy final prime was just perfect. It was totally professional and so so impressive.

Friday, April 02, 2004

Orphan's Day

So many people love the Dream TV satellite channel. It offers special programs and has one of the most successful advertising facilities.
Today, April 2nd, Egypt celebrates the “Orphan’s Day”, and Dream TV decided to celebrate the occasion with all children who have no families and no parents by gathering the kids and other people including some celebrities in Dream Land.
I think this is a very human touch that will make so many children know they’re remembered and thought of.
If you’re in Egypt, why don’t you go participate in this social activity and add more smiles on the faces of those lonely children!
If you’ve never heard of Dream TV for one reason or the other you can read about an interview made with Dr. Hala Sarhan about Dream TV and its concept.

High-Tech-Fans Products

Among the most common problems a person can get when constantly sitting in front of a p.c. screen are the: tensed back, cold fingers, and headache.
And because of its concern about customers satisfaction, Hama offers a “healthy”, creative, one of a kind product, which is a
USB-massage ball that guarantees a bit of relaxation in your office:) .
This USB –massage ball is simply connected via USB, and starts vibrating in a click. It’s also considered economic.
Its vibrations give a comforting massage that relieves stiffness and pain. I personally liked the product, and hope they’ll keep on thinking of creative solutions for this tiresome life.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Oh, this April Fool’s Day Isn’t Making it Easy!!

Just what I was afraid of. Anything anyone tells me, I start laughing and saying: Gottcha! And then it turns out it was true and not some kind of lie.
Like for example this morning, I read my husband’s latest post , which seems to be the last as well,lol, I believed his post was nothing but a lie and then I realized the man is really serious. He’s in a very weird mood, I call him, he’s upset with everything, and he’s trying to convince me of his own point of view of leaving everything and flying to Thailand.
He repeats over and over again: “You always knew that ever since we visited Thailand, I've been spiritually connected to that country and that I've been dreaming of going back to Phi Phi Island and living there.
The only difference is that now I'm making my dream come true. I'm fed up of living like this, and I want to be in peace with the universe”. Which I know is true. And now I have to deal with this weird situation my husband’s in.
Then my manager comes, he tells me: “you deserve a raise for your hard work. I’ve talked with our head manager, and he agreed, congratulations”. I go like: “I wish it was true, lol,nice lie though”, and he was like: “am I used to be funny?”, I reply: ”no”, he asks: ”am I used to joke with employees?” I say: ”nope”, then he asked: ”are you trying to make me change my mind concerning the raise?” and I go like: NO”. I send a message to my husband to give him the great news. What does he comment? He says: “Don’t lie to ME”. I pick up the phone and explain, but he doesn’t believe me. I try to convince him but it’s not working. And after getting me crazy he goes like :”ok, congratulations, that’s great news, but still it wont make me change my mind, I’m going to Thailand…” lol, he’s in a terrible mood. I have to work on that. He fell in love with Phuket and Phi-Phi Islands, and ever since then, every time I asked him what he wished for, he’d answer: to live in Phi-Phi Island. He went as far as looking for houses online. Lol…
Anyway, I thought I wont tell anyone personally about the raise, because no one will ever believe me today. Therefore and because I’m so happy, I found no better way than blogging about it :) Mabrouk to me :)

April Fool’s Day, April’s Lie, Or Poisson d’Avril:

Ancient cultures used to celebrate New Year’s Day on April 1. But in 1582, Pope Gregory XIII ordered a new calendar, the “Gregorian Calendar”, to replace the “Julian Calendar”. The new ordered calendar called for celebrating New Year’s Day on January 1.
Such a big change has been refused by many French people, and some of them didn’t learn about it, so they continued to celebrate on April 1, which gave a very great opportunity for others who have accepted the change and who already learned about it to make fun of those who didn’t, and started tricking them into believing something false.

The French came to call April 1 “Poisson d'Avril”, or "April Fish." French children sometimes tape a picture of a fish on the back of their schoolmates, crying "Poisson d'Avril" when the prank is discovered.
In 1752, Great Britian finally changed over to the Gregorian Calendar, and called April 1: April Fool's Day.
Among Arabs, people call this day April’s Lie (Kethbat Nisanl) because most of the tricks are lies trying to make someone believe something false.

But at the time so many people believe April 1 is one of the most light-hearted days of the year for its jokes and tricks, I personally don’t like so much because of the misapplication of people. Some people think that they wont have a great April Lie unless they SHOCK someone else with bad news, like claiming that someone dear to them has had an accident and is in coma, or that someone is hit by a car and is dead, or that someone has had a heart attack and is now between life and death, or that someone is paralyzed… or things like that.
And although such people mean nothing but a joke, and lie only for fun, but they’re not aware of the very dangerous side-effects of their shocking news. Some sensitive people get nervous breakdowns, others get heart attacks, some went blind, some lose their loved ones, and so on. And what I’ve noticed in some cases, is when someone claims they’ve had a car accident when they didn’t, this someone actually has a car accident few weeks later.
On the other hand, I hate it because any news, no matter happy or not, I have doubts whether they’re true, or some kind of April Fool’s Day tricks. So I imagine if someone calls their friend asking for help, and this friend have been tricked over and over again on April 1, there might be a very big possibility that this person wouldn’t believe a word said, and will end up not helping his/her friend who’s in need for help!
Anyway, whether I like it or not, so many people enjoy fooling others on this day, so I guess all I can do is warn you to keep calm and never get so emotionally involved when hearing any kind of news. If someone asks you for help, don’t turn them down, and even if it turned out to be nothing but a lie, then you wont regret being there for that someone. And being an April Fool is much better than being a disloyal useless person.
I've just recalled my little sister's english course presentation in her 1st year of university. It was about April Fool's Day. I remember how she prepared for it and how she commented on it and the results of her presentation. It was great :) I miss you sis.
For more information about April Fool’s Day Click Here , and for some cool jokes and tricks check this out . You can also send someone an April Fool’s Card .