Monday, March 29, 2004

When My Sister Left To Canada...

So by now my sister and her family must be having a good night sleep in their new home. Yes, they’ve left Jordan to Canada this weekend for good. And what really shocks me is how I feel about all this. I mean I’m not in Jordan any longer, and I already don’t see her nor her family, but still, when I heard the news of her immigration, I had a weird feeling. First I was so happy for her, she’s always wished to go live there for so many reasons, specially insuring a better future for her kids. But then I started missing her like hell, more than I already miss her and her family. I felt she’s leaving my sight to somewhere so far, and that she actually left me to somewhere else. It is weird, I know, but it just happened. I really miss her even more. And every time I remember that she left without me being right there around her, helping her pack, taking care of her two little boys, supporting her and cheering her up, I feel terrible, and I wish I’d go back in time to be there for her. And well, one thought I really hate like hell is the fact that her baby boy will grow up not recognizing his aunt (me) :( I love her kids, specially the 3 year old, as I spent around 2 years with him, and I was there when he came into the world. He’s so cute and so well-behaved, and his voice, it’s just like an angel. He just learned his first few words, and can have this very cute little baby conversation, no baby vocabulary, but grown-ups’ vocabulary with this amazing baby accent :) and this little other devil, he’s still few months old, but has a unique devilish smile that captures your heart, I love them so much. May God be with all of them every step of the way…
Immigration isn’t easy at all, and to take such a decision is not as simple as going like: ok, I have a better option why don’t I just pack and fly to where I want to.
It’s hard for both the immigrants and the ones who love them. And only now that I’m all grown up, I realized how hard it has been to our great mother to leave from place to place with the five of us with no one helping her in any way when the circumstances didn’t allow dad to leave with her. Only now I understood how strong and brave she was to go through such experiences over and over again. I wish we could pay her back in any way, we’ve been the naughtiest kids any family could ever have.
As for sis, I just wish her and her family the best of luck, a stable life and a happy secure future. But well, having my brother there will sure make it so much easier for her. Specially that she and him make a great team together, and they’re still best friends :) she always cared for him, not only him, but all of us actually. And boy oh boy, one shouldn’t miss their gatherings, it’s so fun, you can’t stop laughing, both are magnificent. I’ll miss their presence when I visit Jordan next time, and I hope we’ll be able to gather all together again and have one of those hilarious conversations.
I also hope that mom and dad will get over missing the three of us, three? No, the SEVEN of us, my big brother, my big sister, her husband and her two little cute boys, me and my husband. And well, I wish that if my other sister and brother had to leave Jordan, then they’ll end up either in Canada or in Tunisia, not any other place.
I miss them all, I miss being with them, and I can’t wait to see them.