Friday, March 12, 2004

Wave Of Bombings In Spain!

Yesterday morning 10 powerful explosions tore through trains and stations killing more than 200 civilians. And although Spain is used to get such terrible attacks from the ETA terrorist group, but still the fact that a newspaper in London got a claim from a group working in the name of Al- Qaida, made people point to “Muslim Terrorists” as their Nr.1 suspect. Other than that police found a van in Alcalá de Henares, 15 miles east of Madrid, with an Arabic tape in it.
Now whether it was ETA or Al-Qaida, innocent people have been killed for no reason. And all Muslims know that killing civilians is against the peaceful religion of Islam. Therefore people who claim doing such awful things in the name of Islam are trying to fool around and are lying to the world. They shouldn’t be called Muslims.
But what really amazes me is how the word Muslim can work like magic. Once this word is said in bad context, there is nothing that could ever beat the speed of it spreading. It is a word to name danger and savage behaviors. But when it is used to name some genius inventions, impressive activities and one of a kind creativity, this word finds no place to be mentioned, and if it did, then it will get the smallest and most hiding place. Why? Because of some maniacs who express their personal sick thinking in the name of Islam!
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