Monday, March 01, 2004

A Strong Start For Super Star 2004

Yesterday was the start of Super Star II. And I’m so happy that I didn’t miss the start this year, as I only got to watch few episodes of the finals last year.
I loved watching every bit yesterday. It was wonderful. What I really loved about Super Star is being able to watch all participants the ones who pass and fail through all levels, and I find this so fair and exciting in the same time. We get to see every action, reaction, question, answer, behavior, and everything, it’s really fun, and it assures that there was no cheating of any kind. The ones who deserve passing are the ones who will pass.
And besides the competition and performance of participants, there are those funny tricks that are perfectly planned by the program producers to trick some of the program introducers or judges or the crowd. Plus the chance to enjoy the participants’ singing and dancing, before actually being tested, in an attempt to have fun, decrease the stress and fear, as well as to add some flavor to the long waiting.
In the first level only 83 participants pass to the second level. The testing was done in several places like Bahrain, Jordan, France, Lebanon, and Egypt. As for the participants they were of different Arabic nationalities.
Some of the participants have the talent and lack the beautiful voice, some have the beautiful voice but not the right performance, some have neither, lol, and some have both. So imagine how fun and exciting it was to watch different kinds of beautiful and annoying voices!
Up till now we’ve watched the first 13 participants who passed, and of course the ones who didn’t, but those who didn’t pass aren’t always bad, it’s just that they weren’t the best. Or maybe they’re pretty good but were unfortunately sick on the day of the performance.
Anyway, up till now the 13 lucky ones include Lebanese, Palestinian, Tunisian, Moroccan, Kuwaiti, Saudi, Iraqi and Egyptian nationalities. Those are the ones I remember.
And there was a very nice surprise which is the presence of the 3 finalists of last year: the Jordanian Diana Karazon, Super Star 2003, in Jordan; The Syrian Rowayda, Second finalist, in Bahrain; and the Lebanese Melhem Zein, third finalist, in Lebanon.
Their presence gave a very big push to the participants who were mostly stressed and nervous. They supported everyone and cheered up the ones who didn’t make it.
The participants sang different styles: modern, classic, and folklore. Each tried to stress the best parts of their voices, except for the ones who made wrong choices and sang songs that don’t show the strength and beauty of their voice layers but show a bad voice. Maybe those people didn’t have ones to direct them, or maybe they weren’t aware of their own voice’s strength and weakness, so they failed in choosing the right musical layers to suit their voice!
Anyway, there are always participants who will pass and others who will not, and all participants should take things easy to enjoy the moment, and maybe prepare better for the next year.
As for now, we’ll be waiting for next week to come so we can see who else made it to the second level (which will be in Beirut). Until then let’s all wish the participants all the luck and hope that the best, regardless of the nationality, will win to offer us a beautiful voice to hear as often as possible.