Tuesday, March 23, 2004

"Sex Tours"... Whatever!

Douglas Allen, and Norman Barabash , have been organizing "sex tours" arranged by Big Apple Oriental Tours, promising "unforgettable adventure vacations for single men to paradise”… which happens to be to Southeast Asia.
According to state attorney general, this is the first case involving a United States-based company.
The two operators were charged of promoting prostitution but were pleaded innocent last month.
What I find really weird, is that those two people could’ve been put in prison for whole 7 years if they were convicted. Whereas the uncountable sex channels, sex programs, sex websites, sex agencies that have “qualified” and “licensed” prostitutes are enjoying their work freely, because apparently, they do not promote prostitution, they only promote “fun”, “sexual activities” and some “sex-related hire”. There is a big difference people…
What a funny world!!