Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Researchers Discuss The Miracle Of Qur’an In Dubai

Around 170 researchers and scientists, Muslim and non-Muslim from so many Arab and non-Arab countries are participating in the 7th Arab Conference for the Scientific Miracle of Qur’an and the Sunnah (The way of life prescribed as normative in Islam, based on the teachings and practices of Muhammad and on exegesis of the Qur’an), which takes place in Dubai. The opening was on the 22nd of this month and will continue till the 25th.

Qur’an is considered a miracle because it mentioned so many scientific facts which apply to all fields of life in all times. Yes, that’s true, besides the linguistic miracle that Qur’an is known for, as it has a unique style, so many synonyms, opposites, punctuation marks and a one of kind language application and use that no human could ever be able to come up with no matter how great and advanced they were. So besides the language, Qur’an explains biology, geology, anatomy, astronomy, archeology, the secrets of oceans and water life, psychology, law, governing systems, medicine, trade, and contracts. It also gives interpretations, mentions predictions, discusses the different forms of life, the reasons for being created, human relationships, ethics, morals, family planning, the environment, human rights, women’s importance and rights, equality, freedom, other religions, spending, work, sexual relationships, marriage, sexual preferences, adopting, hygiene, looks, prayers, war, peace, sports, emotions, and so many other issues.

Islam is known as a religion that encourages research and supports thinking. But unfortunately, the main focus of researchers was only on language and life systems for the last few years, without giving much importance to applied sciences and related fields. So this time, the conference urged researchers to study the references of applied sciences that were mentioned in Qur’an as well as in Sunnah. And as a result for this emphasis on the importance of applied sciences, this year’s conference discussed researches from Egypt, England, USA, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and other countries. The researches were mainly about geology, astrology, human anatomy and biology, contradicting with the Darwin Theory of Evolution. Some researches also discussed cloning and stated that it can never be an equal to the normal creation of God, because it only reproduces some organisms of identical cells, yet fails to transfer feelings and emotions.

What really gets the attention of scientists in studying Qur’an and Sunnah is the fact that they give explanations and descriptions of anything a person could think of, which I find truly fascinating.
Anyway, I guess such a conference helps in clearing the verses of Qur’an to a wide range of people from different social and educational levels to provide humanity with answers to so many questions and clear up a lot of the universe’s mysteries. And most important of all, it helps apply many useful methods in order to preserve a healthy life and cure a lot of mental and physical illnesses.
And well, it’s always thrilling to hear of Arabs offering such researches of great importance, and even greater is to know that non-Arabs are sharing them this very important event.
Unfortunately details about the conference are only available in Arabic