Tuesday, March 02, 2004

OOOPS,Someone's Watching!

There is this French series that is called “Camera Café”, it’s a comedy, and it’s about a camera hidden in the coffee machine in one of the companies showing what employees and even employers say, how they act, what gets their attention, and everything they think of and express while waiting for their hot cup of coffee to be ready.
I actually like the idea, and it’s truly funny. But what I enjoy even more is that I live this myself, something I’d call Camera Emané, lol, yes, that’s true. The thing is, there is a security cam outside the company, and the monitor of the security system is placed in MY office, which makes ME the one who watches EVERYTHING.
And although the cam outside is not hidden, in fact it’s so obvious, but still some people don’t notice it, specially the employees of the company next door ;) There are also ones who see the cam and notice it, but they forget it exists the very next day. In short, whether they know it’s there or not, I get to watch so many reactions.
I see people fighting, I see people flirting, I see people cursing their boss and then smiling at him the minute he shows up, I see people staring at the cam and making funny faces, lol, I watch employees arguing, talking while they smoke, and I see people who come try to open our company’s door for no reason that I know of, but when they find the doors locked they turn around and try to open the doors of the company next door, where the doors are not locked, but a guard is at the entrance. I watch a new guy coming to make an interview or presentation, how they raise their hands up high asking God for good luck before they enter. I watch girls as they leave the office in the break, how they wear double the makeup they’re already wearing, how they look at themselves from head to toe, to make sure they rock, all of this through their reflection on the mirrors of the lift doors!!
God, it’s so funny, and I enjoy it, but still, sometimes and after watching how good people could act, I wonder how is it possible for us to guess who’s being a true friend, a loyal employee, a trustful coworker, and who’s faking just to win as much as they can.
So from a person who gets to watch so many hidden facts of people’s lives, I say, don’t be doubtful to the extreme, but just take care and trust only those who you spend really long time with, ones who give you a hand when you’re in trouble, ones who make you smile when you’re having a bad time, ones who are ready to offer you unconditional love, ones who will love you even when you’re gone out of their site, ones who will call you from one end of earth to the other just to wish you a great day, and ones who appreciate you and will do anything not to lose you. Those are the ones you should trust, not those who smile at you or say some nice words and compliments to you, not the ones who treat you according to their moods, and definitely not the ones who’ll act so nice when you’re around, and then say: “God I can’t stand this stupid guy/girl” … in front of my cam ;)
And most important of all, we should all know that while we’re living our lives, we should be always honest and trustful, we should never betray the ones who trust us, even if we don’t like them that much, because there is always someone watching, someone who knows what we mean with every move we make and every word we say, someone who will give us what we deserve according to our deeds.
So if you’re a lucky person, you should be happy that what God watches from your side is being appreciated, but if bad luck is after you all the time, then don’t blame the circumstances, and don’t lose hope in God, for God will only give us what we deserve, if you’re being a bad person you’ll get the least help from God. So instead of going on with your bad sad life, cheer up, have a peaceful smile on your face, and be prepared to make one big change in your life starting from this minute. Help who need you, be there for who love you, appreciate others’ support and presence, show your dear ones their place in your heart, let the good word win the race against the bad word, and last but not least don’t use others’ love for you, if they tolerate your worst conditions that doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings just like you, they too need someone to tolerate them, be that someone for a change.
Change, only then you’ll find your life being the happiest and the most successful, and only then you’ll be thankful that there’s always someone watching…