Monday, March 15, 2004

Old-Fashioned Grandma ;)

Did it ever cross your mind that one day your grandchildren might call you “old-fashioned”? Well I always think of this myself. Every time I watch TV and have this smile on my face when I see how people used to do their hair or match their clothes, and every time I watch pictures of the family many years ago, I wonder, how would it be like if my grandchildren laugh at the way I used to look??
I’m not talking about fashion as in wearing everything people call modern and stylish, I just mean this trend that labels each decade. I consider myself a modern person, although I never follow the latest fashion trends, unless I find them tasteful and appropriate for both my environment and character, which is really rare ;)
Anyways, what amazes me is that there are people who we never find old-fashioned even if they were following the latest trends, that’s because their trends are somehow similar to ours, or because we are following the trends of their time. When I look at my pics as I was a teenager, and although I didn’t imitate girls of my age in the way I used to dress myself, but still I can feel the old-fashioned touch in my hair, loool. It was cute and was admired by people back then, actually it is coming back nowadays, but I don’t think I’m much into it ;)
On the other hand, my parents for example, when I look at their pictures, the only things I really feel were old-fashioned are the glasses, and the wide cut trousers they used to wear. Maybe also the thick belts on the waist :) Another difference is the color, they used to wear multicolored shirts and costumes, nowadays we wear bright colors, but I don’t know, I feel the guys back then used to wear more colors in one piece and used to also wear shirts with flowers on them more than guys would in our time :) I really love comparing old and modern styles of everything, I find it interesting!
Another thing I think of is what more new things fashion people could create in the time of my grandchildren? What would their “modern look” look like? Would their outfits look crazier? More colorful? What would the most used material be? How would their shoes look like? What kinds of cuts would there be to invent?
Whatever their fashion trends would look like, I don’t really care, I just hope that they wont end up having a fashion that reveals more than it covers, and that provokes the instinct more than it respects the body, although I’m not very optimistic about that.
Whatever their fashion will be, there is a very big possibility that they’d think of me as old-fashioned, and they might even avoid asking me about what they should wear or how they look. I wont be sad for that, I’ll just laugh when I compare myself to them when I was their age, and well I’ll sure remember this post and wonder if they would post something similar… only if blogs weren’t old-fashioned by then ;)