Friday, March 05, 2004

Now That The Test Is A memory ;)

Finally I can go home watch T.V without getting this annoying feeling of guilt when I have a test to prepare to :) It was fine, veeeery long, it was supposed to be 2 hours and a half but I was the first to leave after 1 hour 45 minutes. That doesn’t mean I will get a full mark, it only means that I wrote down what I’ve got, which could be right or wrong. I didn’t stay because I revised what I wrote and I couldn’t think of better answers. So no matter how long I’d keep on revising there is no use, my brain was totally blocked. Specially that I had a very busy day at work, and couldn’t catch the buss on time, so I reached the center feeling so damn exhausted.
Anyway, to everybody’s surprise, I answered the most difficult questions so quick, and the medium ones with this annoying (accord) were the ones who took me so long, lol, I hate them and I don’t know if what I wrote was write or wrong. I’m just not convinced with the logic of anything. There is no connection between any two things, lol, it’s terrible.
And what actually shocked me was the wrong impression my colleagues have a about me. They believe I’m a language genius, lol, the minute I entered the class, and although I was 15 minutes late, everyone started moving their chairs next to me, so imagine how 20 people manage to be around one person one way or the other, lol, I can’t believe it, and the teacher could do nothing but laugh at first, lol, afterwards she forced everyone to leave some space.
I’m the kind of people who don’t care if others copy my papers, although I’m against cheating, it’s just that I find it better if they copy instead of annoying me with their whispering questions. But poor them, they had no chance as the teacher was so strict, the only one who was able to cheat very very well and which we think will be the only one who will get a full mark is a Russian girl who used her mobile to message her boyfriend who masters 5 languages perfectly, lol. And the teacher was too busy taking care of the ones around me, leaving a great chance for the girl to send and receive messages as much as she liked.
I hope everyone did great, and that we’ll all pass. And I hope they change their idea about me, because I’m sure they were disappointed. Anyway, the test is over, but I still have an (exposé), a presentation that each has to make about their countries for about 15 minutes. And I was the only one to talk about two countries, lucky me huh, so I had my presentation last Thursday, I talked for 2 1/2 hrs till my voice was gone and still I wasn’t done. They were all excited, asking questions, commenting and all, which I think means I was successful, but because they loved it and because they seem to like the way I do presentations with all those brochures and stuff, the teacher asked me to continue speaking next time. I wish it wont take another 2 1/2 hrs though.
Anyway, a last word from me to all of you who have tests, please don’t cheat, coz it’s not about how many marks you get, and it’s not about how good others think you are, it’s all about testing your knowledge and skills so you can have a clear picture and know what things you should work harder on. And good luck to all.