Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Knock Knock

I was peacefully sitting in my office, doing my work, when I heard sudden knocking on the window. Being in the 4th floor makes it almost impossible for a human being to be hanging out there with a smile on his face asking me to open up, but being in March, this very moody month, makes it so possible and absolutely normal to have clouds coming out of nowhere, and then rain falling so heavily that it actually sounds like a human knocking on the window.
Great news is, I have my spring jacket on, and have put my umbrella to sleep few minutes before I left home this morning. And Lucky me, because of the Arab Summit that will take place in Tunis, the whole area is restricted to cars and taxis, i.e. I will have to walk my head off till I reach the nearest street where I can finally get a cab.
In short, by the time I reach home I’ll be literally AquaCool ;)