Monday, March 08, 2004

If There is An "EU", Why Isn’t There An "EKU"?

This is a question I keep on asking myself every time I’m put in a situation that forces me to use different types of keyboards. Why didn’t they include keyboards in their European Union?
When I’m at work, I have to use the English keyboard. In an Internet café I have to use the French one, and when I want to write in German I have to use the German one.
And every time I get used to one of them and then need to use the other, I find a lot of difficulty adapting, because I hate writing slowly and I hate spending time picking letters.
And what I hate the most is when I actually have no German keyboard for example, but an English one, and then need to write in German after a while in which I never wrote one German word, so I switch the language and use the English keyboard to write using the “hidden” German letters. GOD!! I go crazy trying to look for the letters. But well, I found out a way to help make things easier, which is trying to write more often in all three languages. That doesn’t solve the problem but it helps make it less annoying.
I mean why should (q) and (a), (w) and (z) switch places? and why should commas and question marks be moved here and there?
What I wish for is that European countries will invent some kind of a keyboard that has a feature of turning letters into all different varieties of all European languages by having to click on something, or press on two different keys or anything.
Having a European Keyboard Union would be the best thing ever to happen to me.