Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Genuine Creativity

One of the most creative people I’ve ever known. She has those really impressive ideas and always creates new stuff on her own. It just amazes me!
She comes up with a certain idea and then applies it with what’s available in her hands. And she’s never out of new inventions and surprises.
Simple material, handmade art, and warm touches of elegance and love. Picture frames, cards, table sets, pillows, food accessories, chocolate wraps, stands, and much more.
All of this is the result of personal effort and a unique talent. She didn’t go to art school, nor did she participate in art-related courses. It all comes out from her head.
I can’t believe how she creates wonderful pieces of art with very simple material. And I wonder, what it would be like if she actually got to learn fine art or if she is able to use the technology of today in her beautiful productions. But she can’t because of so many reasons, the most important is having no time to spend on learning, as she’s always busy taking care of all of us, no matter how near or far. And well, I guess she’s not friends with computers ;)
And what makes us so proud of her is that regardless of sickness, old age, worries, problems, and responsibilities, she always finds the time to create new beautiful things to surprise us with every now and then. Pieces of art that can never be found anywhere else, not only because of their new ideas, but also because of the unique hands that made them, the one of a kind love that wrapped them and the true feelings that labeled them, giving each piece its own beauty and its own special taste.
Thank you mom…