Friday, March 12, 2004

The California Supreme Court Halts Same-Sex Marriages In San Francisco

So yesterday the court issued an interim stay directing officials to stop allowing same-sex marriage. This temporary stay will presumably be in force until May or June, when oral arguments in the case will be presented.
Of course gay couples aren’t happy with the court’s order. The ones who were able to “make it” before the halt considered themselves lucky and were happy for their achievement, yet sorry for those who couldn’t make it. On the other hand, the ones who missed the “chance” were really pissed off since they were planning for their “romantic” weddings for so long and have already spent fortunes.
Gays and lesbians cried and were full of anger as a reaction to the halt.
What I find “remarkable” though is that ever since Mayor Gavin Newsom permitted gay marriage in February, more than 3,400 gay couples got married. 3,400 calculating only gay couples who want to get married that is. More Details
Actually I still don’t get it. Gay people believe they have the right to choose marriage as a happy ending for their love stories. They forget that love was never selfish. It was never only about two people, it was never about taking from society to fulfill personal interests, and it will never be a bed relationship. Love is a precious gift God has given us to add more beauty to this life by realizing its norms, maintaining its natural balance and being aware of what pushes civilizations forwards and what holds them back. If we love then we learn to give asking for nothing in return but the well-being of who we love. And who we love can never be one, because one is a part of a whole.
If love is to build a healthy society and help solve its already existing problems, then it shall never find a way better than marriage to give it stability and protect its union.
But well, I guess a healthy society is the one in which one can no longer see anything wrong even if it was against logic, morals, religion, nature, law, rules and awareness. On the other hand gay marriage wont add to the worlds problems, it might add some difficulty in explaining what’s right and what’s not. It might delete the word “appropriate”, cross out “traditions” and cancel “manners” but who cares, those are signs of fear and uncivilized thinking anyway, right!
Why don’t we look at the bright side! Same-sex marriage will only add to the world’s suspense. Men will be living their lives confused whether to marry women, or go for men. And women will be living their lives guessing if they should consider their great feelings towards their colleagues as friendship so they should become best friends, or is it maybe love and attraction, so they should become “wives”!! Isn’t this wonderful? Thinking of it, same-sex marriage is hell of a fun indeed. And you know what, why don’t courts start considering “improving” the term marriage from the "union of two people" into the "union of two and above people", this way we’ll make sure all those who are in love will get married. I mean what if a person is bisexual doesn’t they have the right to marry the ones they love?! That’s not fair. This should be considered, we’re talking about human rights here ;)