Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Anti-AquaCool ;)

I’ve always wanted to become a writer one day, but somehow when I had to make up my mind what to study in university, I chose to learn languages and literature instead of being specialized in one language and its writing styles. The reason is my love to learning new languages, on the other hand I wanted to open the door to more new cultures. But still I love writing. It’s one of the things I enjoy most. And when I created this blog, all I wanted was to write about topics I feel are worth discussing, I didn’t want it to be a tool to convince people of my own point of view, neither did I want to use it to brainwash the readers, it’s simply a very personal blog where I post a very personal opinion in a very personal way of writing, nothing more, nothing less.
I never claimed being a great writer, neither did I mention that I have a perfect knowledge of writing methods. I use the simplest words, apply the simplest rules, and give the simplest examples from my surrounding. This is me, and this is my style.
Therefore if any of you have something against my way of writing, or think it’s not good enough, here you go a little useful piece of advice: take it easy guys, and instead of wasting your time visiting my blog every now and then, and instead of wasting space in your own blogs to link to my “poor writing” posts, why don’t you try to link to those you admire, enjoy and find the best?
As for me, I’m so proud of my writings, and I’m so happy with my style, and I’ll keep on blogging for those who love my writing and who like my way of discussing issues even if they don’t agree with me and what I think.