Tuesday, March 30, 2004

28 Years And For As Long As It Might Take…

Today is the Palestinian Land Day. A Day Palestinians use to raise their voices and remind us all of their Land: PALESTINE, the land they lost by force, the Land that they will keep on struggling for until they get back.
This Holy Land where the three religions were born, and where the three religions should live in peace. It was never created for violence to come kick out this land’s peaceful people, take their rights, kill their children, kill their animals or burn their trees.
Today when no one could find the word Palestine on a map, but can find it kept inside the hearts of people who allowed themselves of seeing the truth, people who believe in human rights and conscious.
28 years, and the Palestinians didn’t forget their dream of getting back peace to their country. 28 years and they didn’t forget Palestine, neither did we, nor did them who took it in the name of “religion”, “superiority” and “being more worth it”.
Religion is a synonym for peace; peace is a synonym for love; love is a synonym for sharing; sharing is a synonym for fair; fair is a synonym for happiness; happiness is a synonym for appreciation; appreciation is a synonym for remembering; remembering is a synonym for longing; longing is a synonym for home; and home is a synonym for PALESTINE…