Monday, February 16, 2004

Way To Go!

So it’s all over now, Tunisia won the cup and they truly deserved it. Actually all teams that participated played very beautifully and they all had the honor of participating and showing their best.
And on Saturday Tunisia was just unbelievable. Cars filled the streets, football fans (which turned out to be all citizens) spread everywhere. There was an out of control excitement before playing the game as well as after winning it. It was wonderful, but when you have a very urgent thing to do, with so little time, and then you get stuck in traffic forever, then you wont be that happy about it ;). But still watching the crowds and listening to their singing and the music playing in all cars, you can’t but have a smile on your face.

It was a very exciting game, but to me, the best game was Tunis VS Nigeria, the one I didn’t get to watch from A to Z, but it had all Tunisians on their nerves for quite a while, and both teams played so wonderful.

Congratulations Tunisia and good work to all those who played, trained, organized, and last but not least those who watched :)