Monday, February 16, 2004

Up to 50% Sales!

For those of you who love shopping, it’s sales time now in Tunisia. It’s great to benefit from such occasions but what I really don’t understand is how many people who can hardly afford their apartment rents, and who need nothing new to buy, how they simply buy hundreds of things just because there are sales!!! I mean ok, they have the right to enjoy shopping, they could buy things they need or like, one or two pieces, but not go buy half of every shop even if they don’t need that stuff!!! I find it really weird.
And what makes me crazy is when they choose the most expensive store, which IN SALES will sell you the product double the price of other normal stores. And they tell you being so proud and happy that they bought things from that store.

We benefit from the sales seasons, and sometimes we buy things that we don’t need that much, things to decorate or to add some nice touches on our home, but we never pick expensive things that will burden our budget. If you wanna waste your money anyways, then waste them on good things, invest, or give the poor who need every penny to survive.