Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Super Star on Future T.V.

A stunning Lebanese show that offers you all the excitement and suspense you would ever wish to have.
This show gives the chance to all talented individuals from all Arabic nationalities to participate in a worldwide singing competition, and the one who wins becomes the SUPER STAR.
Besides the title and the publicity, this program assures so many advantages to the participants, from showing their talents, until getting the best deals in the region.
Actually I wasn’t that much aware of it earlier as we still didn’t have access to satellite channels, but when I visited my family in Jordan, I saw the streets filled with pictures of Diana Karazoan, this promising young lady who actually won and became a Super Star. Newspapers had whole pages filled with her pictures and news, every store, no matter how small or big, they all had her pictures on their doors. The whole Jordanian society was supporting this beautiful voice and this amazing singing talent.
And more than that, I was shocked when my family including my parents, who aren’t that fond of music and singers, I was shocked when I found them tuning to Future T.V. every time the program was playing, being so focused, so tensed and so exited while enjoying the challenge between all participants, and while listening to the comments of the professionals and most of all, when awaiting the results of who passed and who didn’t.
Even I, in my short stay, I was addicted to watching it and was all excited when I came back to Tunisia. I was like: we have to have this receiver installed as soon as possible.

It is a beautiful program, and it was great to know that the Jordanian Diana won. Of course even the ones who don’t win are very very good, and they too get a great chance of becoming stars and getting deals in future, but well, a super star gets much more attention I guess.

The next Super Star competition will start on Sunday the 29th, and the advertising campaign has already started long time ago. Both participants and audience can’t wait for that day. So make sure you don’t miss it, turn on your T.V and watch Future with its very exciting Super Star show, and be prepared for one of a kind experience. Oh, and don’t forget to support the participants.

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