Friday, February 27, 2004

Same Sex Marriage...

To so many people it has become uncivilized for one to be against same sex marriage. Living in this century with all the development it achieved, it became really odd for one to be “still” thinking in that backward way. One should be modern, open-minded and practical for people to assure he/she belongs to this time.
And just like sexual intercourse between any two straight people having no official or religious commitment has been accepted in society, and just like homosexuals have been welcomed in our lives, then modernity and logic say we should give homosexuals their rights of having their own healthy relationships, and the right of having a family of their own… They are “humans” after all!
On the other hand, logic also says that one hand cannot clap by itself, two left feet cannot provide a person with straight strong steps, and two female plants cannot offer us fruits. And just like a farmer wont be that stupid to plant all plants of the same sex, unless of course he wants to get all people starving, then a normal healthy thinking person should never accept same sex marriage. But well, seems like normal healthy thinking people have become rare these days!
Today it’s all about selfishness, everyone looks forward to fulfilling their own wishes and reaching their own goals giving no damn about others. And the ones who happen to be caring, loving and unselfish prove that they are very narrow-minded with really shallow thinking.
People think that they are caring and want homosexuals to have their rights just like all people and animals have their rights, they don’t realize that by helping them get their rights they will be destroying more than half of the society at this time and almost all society in future.
I really wonder how hopeless we’ve become to be discussing such a shame!! I never thought for once in my life that same sex marriage would be an issue to discuss. I never expected people to become so shitty in comparing such pathetic sick disgusting creatures to humans. Homosexuals have created themselves in their own hands, they’re not the victims of some mistake God made while creating them, and they aren’t ones to win our sympathy. Gay people are the most awful annoying event humanity could ever experience. An illness we should protect ourselves from, dirt that we should get rid of, a curse that we should release ourselves from. GAY PEOPLE SUCK! They are so disgusting. Two stupid men holding hands kissing, YUCK! Two silly women hugging having a stupid smile on their faces, YUCK!
They believe they’re sexy, when they’re nothing but some tools to make people throw up. But in the end of the day, it’s not all their fault, it’s the fault of those sick moviemakers who show fathers being “understanding” enough to accept the boyfriend of their boy. Moviemakers who show a “modern” family welcoming their girl’s girlfriend. It’s the fault of any law that permits gays to get married, it’s the fault of the countries that allow them to feel free to live together and be partners, it’s the fault of the parents who have children and forget to raise them right!
But well, thinking about it, you know what, I guess they should have the right to get married so they can have cute little “blessed” kids, right!!
I mean come on, what on earth are they thinking? Why would they get married? To have a romantic wedding?!!! To wear tuxes? Wedding dresses? To wear rings? Why aren’t they satisfied with living together just like that? Why should they get married? To guarantee loyalty? To guarantee marital benefits of both sides?
Screw all homosexuals, they truly SUCK!
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