Wednesday, February 11, 2004


So Today’s the big day for Tunisians as their national football team will be playing against Nigeria in the semi finals. Some Tunisian football experts are not that optimistic since Nigeria is a tuff team. On the other hand, other experts as well as the public and the players themselves are all filled with high hopes and can't wait for the match to begin.
Hmm, I can hear the fans and public outside calling out loud (TUNISIE) on their way to watch the match, and I can see through the office window cars covered with the Tunisian Flag all over and faces painted with red and white. It’s true I’m not crazy about football, but when there are those big competitions and cups I watch almost all games in big enthusiasm.
Everyone I know is watching the game today, either live or on T.V. It’s only ME who’s stuck at work without watching. Even my boss left to watch the game.
Anyway, I wish Tunisia will win and I am optimistic about this.