Thursday, February 19, 2004

Non-Democratic Blogs!

In the past couple of days I have –unfortunately- come across some Israeli blogs which seem to be posting some aggressive intentions not towards Palestine alone, but towards all Arabic and Muslim countries as well.
To be honest, I didn’t comment with one word in any of those posts for many reasons. First what I read was too wrong and too misleading and too unjust that commenting to it would give it a value it doesn’t deserve. Those blogs are not expressing Israelis’ hopes for peace or stability in political or social sectors, they're just revealing some dangerous tendencies to “wronging” a lot of “rights” in real life, showing great ability of turning some facts into lies, and lies into real touching stories to win people’s support.
Another reason I didn’t post any comments was that I saw how some other pro-Palestinian who expressed their opinion friendly through comments, how they were “attacked” from all who blogged, who read the blogs and who want no other free mind to speak up. It’s either you agree and write supporting comments or you shut your mouth up.

I’m not here to judge those blogs, all people are free to say and write whatever they want, and I’m not here to defend my own opinion, no, I’m here for one reason, to give one piece of advice:
If you want to know the truth of what’s going around you in the world, it’s neither me nor any other blogs who will show you the real thing. If you really want to know right from wrong and discover what’s true and what’s not, then it’s not some news bulletin who will only get you confused and it’s not an Israeli or Arabic channel who will provide you with what you need to know, as they’ll do their best to provide you with what THEY want you to know. So my suggestion is, turn off your T.V. ignore any extremist blogs or websites, and buy a ticket to Israel and the West Bank.
See for yourself whose babies and whose innocent children are being killed inside their homes, see for yourself whose young men are being locked in prisons tortured to death, see for yourself whose party is giving no damn about UN regulations or human rights. Watch with your own eyes whose trees are being burnt for no reason and whose harmless animals are being shot on daily bases.
Go visit everywhere and see for yourself whose churches are burnt, whose mosques are being destroyed and whose holy ceremonies are not allowed. Go and watch who give no permission to rescue human souls, who stop ambulances from passing for help and who prevent bodies from being buried.
Go see whose generations spend more than half of their lives to get the education they need because of universities being attacked and burnt; go watch whose parents lose their heads in front of their babies in their own homes, go see everything.
Go and see if the people crying and screaming on TV channels and in pictures are the same people crying and screaming and suffering in real life.
Go discover on your own the secret behind journalists being shot for a picture they’ve captured or an honest word they’ve written. Go see why so many people who go to fight those “brutal terrorist Palestinians” come back to their homes with not a word they could find to express what they’ve experienced.
Go watch, go hear, go live all what you have no answers for.

You are the judge, no one else should do the thinking in your place. And to all those blogs who are obviously paying so much time and effort to make people hate Arabs, specially Palestinians, I say, take it easy guys, stop wasting your time and use it for something more constructive for humanity. And a very good tip: have you ever heard of free will? In case you didn’t, it means you can’t force people to hate or love and you cannot interfere with their choices no matter how much you try. So a useful thing to do is to fill the world with love, peace and democracy, words that you apparently don’t believe in, but once you taste their wonderful flavor you’ll never live without them, and you’ll spare the pointless arguments and save every minute of your time trying to make all mankind taste them just like you… only then you can be proud of what you do in your lives.