Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Nancy Ajram

A young Lebanese singer who got famous in a very short time. More than that she even got the “Best Arab Female Singer” for year 2003 in the time only 2 of her hits were the ones very well known. Yes, she broke the record. Although she launched some other albums with other good songs but we can say that the success she achieved in her song (Akhasmak Ah) made it her first hit. This song spread so fast and got the attention of almost all people. Nancy made herself quite a good number of fans with this song alone.
With her second Hit (Ya Salam) she got even more famous and collected more and more fans, and in no time her posters were filling the walls of so many Arab countries.
All you hear in stores and restaurants are her two songs, all you watch on Satellite channels are her two video clips popping every 15 minutes, and magazines are suddenly filled with gossip about her life, with her face on their covers.
Add to all this her free participation in the two biggest cultural festivals of the Arab world: Jerash Festival and Carthage Festival.
This young singer was loved by the audience at the very same time she was and still is being attacked by art experts and so negatively criticized by a lot of singing professionals.
I don’t blame them for one reason, which is the fact that the “Best Arab Female Singer” should be given to someone with a longer artistic history. Not that I’m under-estimating Nancy’s qualifications, but something as big as that should be given to someone who’s been giving a lot of art and creativity, not to someone whose success is still a new born one. To me timing isn’t as important as quality and taste. And two big hits shouldn’t be enough to judge whether a particular singer and their music is successful in all ways or not.
But still I’m against attacking Nancy as a person and doubting her ability as a singer just because they think there were others who deserved what she got.
It’s so ugly how they started spreading false rumors and showing some old pics of her trying to prove that her beauty is all made up by the hands of plastic surgeons.
Ok, she had so many surgeries to look the way she looks now, what’s the big deal, most of the women are having cosmetic surgeries these days, and although I’m 100% against those surgeries (unless in cases of burns and accidents), but still she wasn’t the first and she wont be the last.
Anyway, good luck to all Arab singers, hoping that both –males and females- will get one thing straight: Singing is all about feelings, meanings, art and harmony of voice and melodies; it was never the LOOKS or SEXINESS. So please offer the audience some really good singing, this is what will make you last and this is what will create your history, protect your present and guarantee your future as a star.