Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Hot, Beautiful & Sexy…

Are all words that show how shallow and pathetic people have become when expressing admiration to someone.
I find it terrible how so many people define beauty nowadays. If we pick a guy randomly and ask him to choose the most beautiful girl in the street, there is a 85% chance he’d pick the one with the most “sexy features”, or “sexy behavior”. And if we ask a girl to choose the best looking guy in a store, she’ll mostly pick the one with the sexy hair or sexy body, or even with the sexy smile.
When talking together and then a lady passes by, guys would go: “check it out, she’s hot man”, or “ here comes the hot chick”. And when a guy passes by a group of ladies, they’d go like: “do I look sexy enough to draw his attention?”, “isn’t he cute, look at this sexy body”.. and so on.

Most of the guys choose their dates according to looks. He wants her to be hot enough for his friends to envy him. He wants all people to look at him in admiration and say: He’s got the hottest girlfriend ever. He doesn’t choose her beautiful for himself. It doesn’t matter to him if his friends look at her body and at every detail in it as long as they’ll be hating their luck for not having a girlfriend as sexy as his.
And unfortunately a lot of girls don’t mind it when others look at their outside only, and have no problem with guys picking them for their looks.
And even worse, they too choose the sexiest guy to be their boyfriend. A girl would do anything to “tease” her friend who has just got engaged to a very good looking guy. She wants to have a perfect looking guy for other girls to get really jealous. The first thing a girl does when she has a very handsome boyfriend is to spread the news and ask her friends about their opinion in him, and she will never be happy with less than a 100% or even more admiration.

There are few who pick their partners taking into consideration both the outside and the inside. They forget that the outside is not a thing to be proud of, because it’s God’s creation and not theirs. Unless of course the girl or the guy is really a human-created beauty with silicon body and plastic-operated faces.
But talking of natural beauty, I see no reason for girls or guys to use it as a tool to make others jealous or make them feel less. A person should be proud of what he/ she has accomplished. What they’ve paid effort in creating from A-Z. The way they talk, their knowledge, the way they deal with others, the way they handle situations or solve problems. The inside beauty is what reflects on our faces and therefore affects our outside looks.
How many girls who are ugly –according to people’s outside judging standards- but make you smile when you see them, girls who you can’t but feel happy around. How many guys are thought of as so ugly, but still a girl just loves being around them because of how they treat her, how they respect her being, make her feel secure and because of their open-minded thinking and protective nature.
There are many things that should be admired in a person, and to me, the inside characteristics are more important than the outside looks. I know that beauty is a plus, and is important but not the most important though. If it’s not available when all other inside features are, then we shouldn’t drop the person because of lack of good looks.
Not that we should ignore our looks if we’re not that beautiful, in fact we can work hard to keep our bodies in shape, add some simple touches to our faces, hair, the way we dress. We should open the way for our inner positive characteristics to glow through our outside looks.
A smile makes the face thousand times more beautiful, a natural look is cuter than an artificial fake one. The confidence in the way we look is what gives us the beauty. It’s not how much you reveal from your body, it’s not how much you mess with your face; it’s not how sexy your walk is, it’s not how sexy your voice sounds on the phone, it’s how purely beautiful you are inside out that makes others like you, love you and believe you’re the best in everything.
And because tastes of people vary, sticking to yourself and being proud of who you are and how you look, is the key to win other’s admiration and respect. Because no matter how many hate the way you look, and no matter how many think you’re not their type, there will be at least one in this whole wide world who is waiting to find you and be with you for the rest of his/her life. Someone who will appreciate who you are, someone who will find you the hottest, and the best ever.
And if you’re blessed with an outstanding beauty, then be modest, be friendly and never treat friends with superiority, and never make people of the opposite gender feel you’re arrogant. Try to use your beauty in the right way, which is not seducing, or teasing or showing off, but is more like a pretty face that one could be relived just by looking at, a beautiful face that one will thank God for starting their day with.
We all have our own special beauty that will hypnotize more than we can imagine… only if we can succeed in making others look deep enough inside us to see it!