Monday, February 09, 2004

Fake health products sold on Internet:

We hear of fake stuff being sold on the net all the time. Some advertising responsible have shown great “impressive” skills in lying.
But when it comes to health matters then I guess it’s no longer a joke. For instance these fake counterfeit contraceptive patches that are being sold on the net.
Investigations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have shown that these patches contain no active ingredients and provide no protection against pregnancy.
Not only this, but this internet site {which is referred to as an illegal foreign site} is also selling other health-related products and drugs which turn out to be nothing but an imitation of the FDA approved drugs.
Therefore the FDA, and while investigating the rest of this site’s products, is warning all people from buying any of this site’s products, which are neither safe nor effective, in order not to risk their health.

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