Thursday, February 12, 2004

And The Winner Is...

So Tunisia against Morocco on Saturday for the final match.
As I was feeling, Tunisia won yesterday, they say it was a great exciting and long match. Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch it. I thought I’d reach home and be able to watch the last 15 minutes of the match, but the streets were empty, all I heard was my footsteps. And when I found a spot in the end of the road stuffed with people with few taxis stopping there, I thought I’d finally get a ride home. The surprise was that the people - just like me- were waiting for any bus or taxi to drive them home, but no busses appeared from the start of the match and the taxis next to them turned out to have drivers who got so excited and nervous that they could no longer drive safely. So they parked and listened to the radio with the highest volume for all of us to hear :)
And every time there was this important kick, they’d get so nervous and turn off the radio to avoid getting a heart attack, which got us all crazy. Anyway, they had this extra time to play, and I thought I’d walk a bit forward where it’s warmer, on my way I tried to call anyone I know who could help but the network was loaded and the ones I could reach were apparently too excited calling their friends to talk about the game or didn’t hear the phone ringing from the start.
So I lost hope in someone picking me up, and I decided to walk a bit further to any café nearby or any place where I could rest and keep warm, but after around an hour and more of fast walking I found myself at my doorstep!!
I was lucky enough to watch the last penalties of the match, I love penalties and find them really exciting. And with the announcement of the winner all what one was able to hear was people screaming, cars beeping, songs and music all over the place, it was amazing.
Hard luck to Nigeria and Mali, which are both such strong teams and whose players showed big talent and played beautifully in all matches.
And CONGRATULATIONS Tunisia, keep up the good work and see you on Saturday.