Monday, February 23, 2004

Adel Imam

This great Egyptian actor is one of a kind. I saw his last movie “ Al Tagroba Addenmarkeyya”, the Danish Experience, and WOW, it was wonderful, just like the rest of his movies.
He movie experienced great success. In both Jordan and Tunisia cinemas were filled with people who loved the movie.
With every new movie Adel Imam proves that he is a very spontaneous and natural actor, you can’t feel he’s acting, you can’t but believe you’re watching a part of his own personal life.
He had amazing success in comedy, but even in the non-comedy works of his, he always shows a very unique ability to relate the audience to what they’re watching, a movie, a play or anything.
Before the above mentioned movie I’ve watched “Ameer Al Thalam” , which means the Prince of Darkness, representing a special blind man. It was one hell of a movie. And in the “Al Tagroba Addenmarkeyya” he played the role of a rich man who devoted himself to raising his four boys, doing everything to offer them a perfect life and helping them be the best in all means.
Actually all the ones who played in this movie were great, the old and young actors, but the movie presented a new acting talent: Nicole Saba. A former member of the Lebanese 4 Cats singing band. But this was her first acting experience, in which she took the major part. Her performance was impressive showing a good acting talent, and although I hate it when movies focus on women’s appearances and sexuality all the time, but still it was part of the idea this movie wanted to express.
This movie wasn’t just a comedy or a simple story for people to pass time, no it actually discussed many things: cultural backgrounds and differences between western and eastern countries; social levels in the society; people’s behavior and the factors that affect it such as greediness or egoism; the misuse of power; the effect of money and authority; the very thin line between civilized freedom and the out of control dangerous freedom; and last but not least the relationship between sacrificing loving parents and their loyal children that is stronger than any desire and need.

Besides his great movies that are filling homes with laughter and happiness ever since he started acting many many years ago, Adel Imam proves again and again, that the older generation of actors is not is not hindering it from reaching the success it deserves. He shows everyone that the old should help the young in any possible way instead of attacking them and trying to close all doors of work in their faces. And to prove this he includes so many times new faces in his movies, and he gives the young actors some parts in his work showing very respectful and friendly feelings towards the young actors, the young actors who are learning from the very professional older actors and benefiting from their wide experience in acting.
And there is no better example on this like his last movie where he gave a chance to so many new faces to play major parts in front of him, like Nicole Saba and the actors who played his four boys, not to forget including a scene where the young couple Mona Zaki and Ahmad Hilmi appears.
There is nothing better than good acting which is accompanied by high spirits and great morals.

For those of you who still didn’t watch the movie, make sure you don't miss it.