Friday, February 27, 2004

Same Sex Marriage...

To so many people it has become uncivilized for one to be against same sex marriage. Living in this century with all the development it achieved, it became really odd for one to be “still” thinking in that backward way. One should be modern, open-minded and practical for people to assure he/she belongs to this time.
And just like sexual intercourse between any two straight people having no official or religious commitment has been accepted in society, and just like homosexuals have been welcomed in our lives, then modernity and logic say we should give homosexuals their rights of having their own healthy relationships, and the right of having a family of their own… They are “humans” after all!
On the other hand, logic also says that one hand cannot clap by itself, two left feet cannot provide a person with straight strong steps, and two female plants cannot offer us fruits. And just like a farmer wont be that stupid to plant all plants of the same sex, unless of course he wants to get all people starving, then a normal healthy thinking person should never accept same sex marriage. But well, seems like normal healthy thinking people have become rare these days!
Today it’s all about selfishness, everyone looks forward to fulfilling their own wishes and reaching their own goals giving no damn about others. And the ones who happen to be caring, loving and unselfish prove that they are very narrow-minded with really shallow thinking.
People think that they are caring and want homosexuals to have their rights just like all people and animals have their rights, they don’t realize that by helping them get their rights they will be destroying more than half of the society at this time and almost all society in future.
I really wonder how hopeless we’ve become to be discussing such a shame!! I never thought for once in my life that same sex marriage would be an issue to discuss. I never expected people to become so shitty in comparing such pathetic sick disgusting creatures to humans. Homosexuals have created themselves in their own hands, they’re not the victims of some mistake God made while creating them, and they aren’t ones to win our sympathy. Gay people are the most awful annoying event humanity could ever experience. An illness we should protect ourselves from, dirt that we should get rid of, a curse that we should release ourselves from. GAY PEOPLE SUCK! They are so disgusting. Two stupid men holding hands kissing, YUCK! Two silly women hugging having a stupid smile on their faces, YUCK!
They believe they’re sexy, when they’re nothing but some tools to make people throw up. But in the end of the day, it’s not all their fault, it’s the fault of those sick moviemakers who show fathers being “understanding” enough to accept the boyfriend of their boy. Moviemakers who show a “modern” family welcoming their girl’s girlfriend. It’s the fault of any law that permits gays to get married, it’s the fault of the countries that allow them to feel free to live together and be partners, it’s the fault of the parents who have children and forget to raise them right!
But well, thinking about it, you know what, I guess they should have the right to get married so they can have cute little “blessed” kids, right!!
I mean come on, what on earth are they thinking? Why would they get married? To have a romantic wedding?!!! To wear tuxes? Wedding dresses? To wear rings? Why aren’t they satisfied with living together just like that? Why should they get married? To guarantee loyalty? To guarantee marital benefits of both sides?
Screw all homosexuals, they truly SUCK!
Wanna read more about the topic ? ClickHere

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Morocco's Worst In 40 Years!!

Yesterday and at around 2:30 a.m. a very strong earthquake struck Al-Hasima, a city in Morocco. The quake measured 6.5 on Richter scale, causing the death of more than 300 people.
If any of you has relatives out there, I hope they're all fine.
It is really terrible, and I hope the death toll will stop rising.
More details are provided Here

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Super Star on Future T.V.

A stunning Lebanese show that offers you all the excitement and suspense you would ever wish to have.
This show gives the chance to all talented individuals from all Arabic nationalities to participate in a worldwide singing competition, and the one who wins becomes the SUPER STAR.
Besides the title and the publicity, this program assures so many advantages to the participants, from showing their talents, until getting the best deals in the region.
Actually I wasn’t that much aware of it earlier as we still didn’t have access to satellite channels, but when I visited my family in Jordan, I saw the streets filled with pictures of Diana Karazoan, this promising young lady who actually won and became a Super Star. Newspapers had whole pages filled with her pictures and news, every store, no matter how small or big, they all had her pictures on their doors. The whole Jordanian society was supporting this beautiful voice and this amazing singing talent.
And more than that, I was shocked when my family including my parents, who aren’t that fond of music and singers, I was shocked when I found them tuning to Future T.V. every time the program was playing, being so focused, so tensed and so exited while enjoying the challenge between all participants, and while listening to the comments of the professionals and most of all, when awaiting the results of who passed and who didn’t.
Even I, in my short stay, I was addicted to watching it and was all excited when I came back to Tunisia. I was like: we have to have this receiver installed as soon as possible.

It is a beautiful program, and it was great to know that the Jordanian Diana won. Of course even the ones who don’t win are very very good, and they too get a great chance of becoming stars and getting deals in future, but well, a super star gets much more attention I guess.

The next Super Star competition will start on Sunday the 29th, and the advertising campaign has already started long time ago. Both participants and audience can’t wait for that day. So make sure you don’t miss it, turn on your T.V and watch Future with its very exciting Super Star show, and be prepared for one of a kind experience. Oh, and don’t forget to support the participants.

For more information go ahead and enjoy Future TV and

Monday, February 23, 2004

Adel Imam

This great Egyptian actor is one of a kind. I saw his last movie “ Al Tagroba Addenmarkeyya”, the Danish Experience, and WOW, it was wonderful, just like the rest of his movies.
He movie experienced great success. In both Jordan and Tunisia cinemas were filled with people who loved the movie.
With every new movie Adel Imam proves that he is a very spontaneous and natural actor, you can’t feel he’s acting, you can’t but believe you’re watching a part of his own personal life.
He had amazing success in comedy, but even in the non-comedy works of his, he always shows a very unique ability to relate the audience to what they’re watching, a movie, a play or anything.
Before the above mentioned movie I’ve watched “Ameer Al Thalam” , which means the Prince of Darkness, representing a special blind man. It was one hell of a movie. And in the “Al Tagroba Addenmarkeyya” he played the role of a rich man who devoted himself to raising his four boys, doing everything to offer them a perfect life and helping them be the best in all means.
Actually all the ones who played in this movie were great, the old and young actors, but the movie presented a new acting talent: Nicole Saba. A former member of the Lebanese 4 Cats singing band. But this was her first acting experience, in which she took the major part. Her performance was impressive showing a good acting talent, and although I hate it when movies focus on women’s appearances and sexuality all the time, but still it was part of the idea this movie wanted to express.
This movie wasn’t just a comedy or a simple story for people to pass time, no it actually discussed many things: cultural backgrounds and differences between western and eastern countries; social levels in the society; people’s behavior and the factors that affect it such as greediness or egoism; the misuse of power; the effect of money and authority; the very thin line between civilized freedom and the out of control dangerous freedom; and last but not least the relationship between sacrificing loving parents and their loyal children that is stronger than any desire and need.

Besides his great movies that are filling homes with laughter and happiness ever since he started acting many many years ago, Adel Imam proves again and again, that the older generation of actors is not is not hindering it from reaching the success it deserves. He shows everyone that the old should help the young in any possible way instead of attacking them and trying to close all doors of work in their faces. And to prove this he includes so many times new faces in his movies, and he gives the young actors some parts in his work showing very respectful and friendly feelings towards the young actors, the young actors who are learning from the very professional older actors and benefiting from their wide experience in acting.
And there is no better example on this like his last movie where he gave a chance to so many new faces to play major parts in front of him, like Nicole Saba and the actors who played his four boys, not to forget including a scene where the young couple Mona Zaki and Ahmad Hilmi appears.
There is nothing better than good acting which is accompanied by high spirits and great morals.

For those of you who still didn’t watch the movie, make sure you don't miss it.

Friday, February 20, 2004

2004 Canadian International Auto Show

This extremely amazing show started out on the 13th of this month, offering people a great chance to view a huge number of wonderful cars. So if you’re an admirer of cars’ beauty then it’s the best opportunity. If you’re lucky enough to be in Canada then you still have a chance to go enjoy a variety of amazing machines, as the show will go on till the 22nd. And if you’re not in Canada then don’t be upset, you can enjoy the show Here . Photo galleries, videos, tickets, show map and much more are available.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Non-Democratic Blogs!

In the past couple of days I have –unfortunately- come across some Israeli blogs which seem to be posting some aggressive intentions not towards Palestine alone, but towards all Arabic and Muslim countries as well.
To be honest, I didn’t comment with one word in any of those posts for many reasons. First what I read was too wrong and too misleading and too unjust that commenting to it would give it a value it doesn’t deserve. Those blogs are not expressing Israelis’ hopes for peace or stability in political or social sectors, they're just revealing some dangerous tendencies to “wronging” a lot of “rights” in real life, showing great ability of turning some facts into lies, and lies into real touching stories to win people’s support.
Another reason I didn’t post any comments was that I saw how some other pro-Palestinian who expressed their opinion friendly through comments, how they were “attacked” from all who blogged, who read the blogs and who want no other free mind to speak up. It’s either you agree and write supporting comments or you shut your mouth up.

I’m not here to judge those blogs, all people are free to say and write whatever they want, and I’m not here to defend my own opinion, no, I’m here for one reason, to give one piece of advice:
If you want to know the truth of what’s going around you in the world, it’s neither me nor any other blogs who will show you the real thing. If you really want to know right from wrong and discover what’s true and what’s not, then it’s not some news bulletin who will only get you confused and it’s not an Israeli or Arabic channel who will provide you with what you need to know, as they’ll do their best to provide you with what THEY want you to know. So my suggestion is, turn off your T.V. ignore any extremist blogs or websites, and buy a ticket to Israel and the West Bank.
See for yourself whose babies and whose innocent children are being killed inside their homes, see for yourself whose young men are being locked in prisons tortured to death, see for yourself whose party is giving no damn about UN regulations or human rights. Watch with your own eyes whose trees are being burnt for no reason and whose harmless animals are being shot on daily bases.
Go visit everywhere and see for yourself whose churches are burnt, whose mosques are being destroyed and whose holy ceremonies are not allowed. Go and watch who give no permission to rescue human souls, who stop ambulances from passing for help and who prevent bodies from being buried.
Go see whose generations spend more than half of their lives to get the education they need because of universities being attacked and burnt; go watch whose parents lose their heads in front of their babies in their own homes, go see everything.
Go and see if the people crying and screaming on TV channels and in pictures are the same people crying and screaming and suffering in real life.
Go discover on your own the secret behind journalists being shot for a picture they’ve captured or an honest word they’ve written. Go see why so many people who go to fight those “brutal terrorist Palestinians” come back to their homes with not a word they could find to express what they’ve experienced.
Go watch, go hear, go live all what you have no answers for.

You are the judge, no one else should do the thinking in your place. And to all those blogs who are obviously paying so much time and effort to make people hate Arabs, specially Palestinians, I say, take it easy guys, stop wasting your time and use it for something more constructive for humanity. And a very good tip: have you ever heard of free will? In case you didn’t, it means you can’t force people to hate or love and you cannot interfere with their choices no matter how much you try. So a useful thing to do is to fill the world with love, peace and democracy, words that you apparently don’t believe in, but once you taste their wonderful flavor you’ll never live without them, and you’ll spare the pointless arguments and save every minute of your time trying to make all mankind taste them just like you… only then you can be proud of what you do in your lives.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Hot, Beautiful & Sexy…

Are all words that show how shallow and pathetic people have become when expressing admiration to someone.
I find it terrible how so many people define beauty nowadays. If we pick a guy randomly and ask him to choose the most beautiful girl in the street, there is a 85% chance he’d pick the one with the most “sexy features”, or “sexy behavior”. And if we ask a girl to choose the best looking guy in a store, she’ll mostly pick the one with the sexy hair or sexy body, or even with the sexy smile.
When talking together and then a lady passes by, guys would go: “check it out, she’s hot man”, or “ here comes the hot chick”. And when a guy passes by a group of ladies, they’d go like: “do I look sexy enough to draw his attention?”, “isn’t he cute, look at this sexy body”.. and so on.

Most of the guys choose their dates according to looks. He wants her to be hot enough for his friends to envy him. He wants all people to look at him in admiration and say: He’s got the hottest girlfriend ever. He doesn’t choose her beautiful for himself. It doesn’t matter to him if his friends look at her body and at every detail in it as long as they’ll be hating their luck for not having a girlfriend as sexy as his.
And unfortunately a lot of girls don’t mind it when others look at their outside only, and have no problem with guys picking them for their looks.
And even worse, they too choose the sexiest guy to be their boyfriend. A girl would do anything to “tease” her friend who has just got engaged to a very good looking guy. She wants to have a perfect looking guy for other girls to get really jealous. The first thing a girl does when she has a very handsome boyfriend is to spread the news and ask her friends about their opinion in him, and she will never be happy with less than a 100% or even more admiration.

There are few who pick their partners taking into consideration both the outside and the inside. They forget that the outside is not a thing to be proud of, because it’s God’s creation and not theirs. Unless of course the girl or the guy is really a human-created beauty with silicon body and plastic-operated faces.
But talking of natural beauty, I see no reason for girls or guys to use it as a tool to make others jealous or make them feel less. A person should be proud of what he/ she has accomplished. What they’ve paid effort in creating from A-Z. The way they talk, their knowledge, the way they deal with others, the way they handle situations or solve problems. The inside beauty is what reflects on our faces and therefore affects our outside looks.
How many girls who are ugly –according to people’s outside judging standards- but make you smile when you see them, girls who you can’t but feel happy around. How many guys are thought of as so ugly, but still a girl just loves being around them because of how they treat her, how they respect her being, make her feel secure and because of their open-minded thinking and protective nature.
There are many things that should be admired in a person, and to me, the inside characteristics are more important than the outside looks. I know that beauty is a plus, and is important but not the most important though. If it’s not available when all other inside features are, then we shouldn’t drop the person because of lack of good looks.
Not that we should ignore our looks if we’re not that beautiful, in fact we can work hard to keep our bodies in shape, add some simple touches to our faces, hair, the way we dress. We should open the way for our inner positive characteristics to glow through our outside looks.
A smile makes the face thousand times more beautiful, a natural look is cuter than an artificial fake one. The confidence in the way we look is what gives us the beauty. It’s not how much you reveal from your body, it’s not how much you mess with your face; it’s not how sexy your walk is, it’s not how sexy your voice sounds on the phone, it’s how purely beautiful you are inside out that makes others like you, love you and believe you’re the best in everything.
And because tastes of people vary, sticking to yourself and being proud of who you are and how you look, is the key to win other’s admiration and respect. Because no matter how many hate the way you look, and no matter how many think you’re not their type, there will be at least one in this whole wide world who is waiting to find you and be with you for the rest of his/her life. Someone who will appreciate who you are, someone who will find you the hottest, and the best ever.
And if you’re blessed with an outstanding beauty, then be modest, be friendly and never treat friends with superiority, and never make people of the opposite gender feel you’re arrogant. Try to use your beauty in the right way, which is not seducing, or teasing or showing off, but is more like a pretty face that one could be relived just by looking at, a beautiful face that one will thank God for starting their day with.
We all have our own special beauty that will hypnotize more than we can imagine… only if we can succeed in making others look deep enough inside us to see it!

Monday, February 16, 2004

Up to 50% Sales!

For those of you who love shopping, it’s sales time now in Tunisia. It’s great to benefit from such occasions but what I really don’t understand is how many people who can hardly afford their apartment rents, and who need nothing new to buy, how they simply buy hundreds of things just because there are sales!!! I mean ok, they have the right to enjoy shopping, they could buy things they need or like, one or two pieces, but not go buy half of every shop even if they don’t need that stuff!!! I find it really weird.
And what makes me crazy is when they choose the most expensive store, which IN SALES will sell you the product double the price of other normal stores. And they tell you being so proud and happy that they bought things from that store.

We benefit from the sales seasons, and sometimes we buy things that we don’t need that much, things to decorate or to add some nice touches on our home, but we never pick expensive things that will burden our budget. If you wanna waste your money anyways, then waste them on good things, invest, or give the poor who need every penny to survive.

Way To Go!

So it’s all over now, Tunisia won the cup and they truly deserved it. Actually all teams that participated played very beautifully and they all had the honor of participating and showing their best.
And on Saturday Tunisia was just unbelievable. Cars filled the streets, football fans (which turned out to be all citizens) spread everywhere. There was an out of control excitement before playing the game as well as after winning it. It was wonderful, but when you have a very urgent thing to do, with so little time, and then you get stuck in traffic forever, then you wont be that happy about it ;). But still watching the crowds and listening to their singing and the music playing in all cars, you can’t but have a smile on your face.

It was a very exciting game, but to me, the best game was Tunis VS Nigeria, the one I didn’t get to watch from A to Z, but it had all Tunisians on their nerves for quite a while, and both teams played so wonderful.

Congratulations Tunisia and good work to all those who played, trained, organized, and last but not least those who watched :)

Friday, February 13, 2004


With all this Valentine’s fuss, all what one can see is RED. Red hearts, red napkins with HEARTS on them, red heart-shaped candles, red wrapped heart- shaped chocolates, red heart-pillows with arrows, red roses, red clothes, red cups with hearts printed on them, red boxes, teddy bears with hearts and arrows, cupid dolls, red cards…etc. Thank God there are no bulls free out there!!
Anyway, if Valentine’s Day means nothing to you, or if you have no partner, or if you’ve had enough with all these Valentine’s preparations and don’t know how to express your anti-valentine feelings, all you have to do is pick one of these extremely funny AntiValentine's e-cards... You’ll love them :)

For all others who are pro-Valentine’s Day, I wish you all a happy day with your beloved ones. And well, the net is stuffed with cards you’d love.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Earthquake Hits The Middle East!

A medium to strong earthquake hit many Middle Eastern countries yesterday morning, causing injuries,damage and panic from Amman to Cairo.
The quake hit at 0814 GMT, and measured between 4.9 and 5.1 on the Richter scale, strongest was measured in Amman.
The tremor's epicentre has been located around the Dead Sea.Employees in the Jordanian capital rushed out of offices and telephone lines were cut. Schoolchildren were given the day off. Whereas in Jerusalem, many buildings were evacuated as a precaution, and the radio reported two buildings suffered minor damage, including one in Tel Aviv.
The tremor was also felt in Damascus, southern Syria and Lebanon.

I heard the news from my little sister in Amman, and thank God, I made sure they're all fine. I wish no further quakes will follow and that all will be safe.

For a detailed report check AlJazeera

And The Winner Is...

So Tunisia against Morocco on Saturday for the final match.
As I was feeling, Tunisia won yesterday, they say it was a great exciting and long match. Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch it. I thought I’d reach home and be able to watch the last 15 minutes of the match, but the streets were empty, all I heard was my footsteps. And when I found a spot in the end of the road stuffed with people with few taxis stopping there, I thought I’d finally get a ride home. The surprise was that the people - just like me- were waiting for any bus or taxi to drive them home, but no busses appeared from the start of the match and the taxis next to them turned out to have drivers who got so excited and nervous that they could no longer drive safely. So they parked and listened to the radio with the highest volume for all of us to hear :)
And every time there was this important kick, they’d get so nervous and turn off the radio to avoid getting a heart attack, which got us all crazy. Anyway, they had this extra time to play, and I thought I’d walk a bit forward where it’s warmer, on my way I tried to call anyone I know who could help but the network was loaded and the ones I could reach were apparently too excited calling their friends to talk about the game or didn’t hear the phone ringing from the start.
So I lost hope in someone picking me up, and I decided to walk a bit further to any café nearby or any place where I could rest and keep warm, but after around an hour and more of fast walking I found myself at my doorstep!!
I was lucky enough to watch the last penalties of the match, I love penalties and find them really exciting. And with the announcement of the winner all what one was able to hear was people screaming, cars beeping, songs and music all over the place, it was amazing.
Hard luck to Nigeria and Mali, which are both such strong teams and whose players showed big talent and played beautifully in all matches.
And CONGRATULATIONS Tunisia, keep up the good work and see you on Saturday.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004


So Today’s the big day for Tunisians as their national football team will be playing against Nigeria in the semi finals. Some Tunisian football experts are not that optimistic since Nigeria is a tuff team. On the other hand, other experts as well as the public and the players themselves are all filled with high hopes and can't wait for the match to begin.
Hmm, I can hear the fans and public outside calling out loud (TUNISIE) on their way to watch the match, and I can see through the office window cars covered with the Tunisian Flag all over and faces painted with red and white. It’s true I’m not crazy about football, but when there are those big competitions and cups I watch almost all games in big enthusiasm.
Everyone I know is watching the game today, either live or on T.V. It’s only ME who’s stuck at work without watching. Even my boss left to watch the game.
Anyway, I wish Tunisia will win and I am optimistic about this.


Es ist unmöglich wie die Menschen sich mit so dummen Sachen beschäftigen, wenn sie eigentlich jede Minute brauchen, um ihren schon existierenden Problemen zu lösen.
In der Zeit der neuen unterschiedlichen Krankheiten, die jeden Tag mehreren Seelen stehlen; und in einem Platz wo die Menschheit vielen schwierigkeiten erfährt, muss man aufs Überleben und nicht auf solche Dummheit, wie Ampel-Flirt zum Beispiel konzentrieren.
Was ist Ampel-Flirt?
Wenn du in deinem Auto sitzst, schaust mal nebenan, und findest den Kerl / das Mädchen im Auto richtig sympathisch oder echt Sexy, aber plötzlich müssen alle wegfahren, denn kannst du ganz leicht den Kerl suchen, nur wenn du das Kennzeichen seines Autos notiert hast.
Du kannst es auf oder eingeben, und wenn er schon dort registriert ist, dann kannst du sein Telefonnummer aufnehem. Nicht nur das, sonst ist es auch möglich dein Autokennzeichen für nur 3 Euro zu registrieren, so kann jeder, dem dich unterwegs sieht, dich so einfach kennenlernen.
Ich finde Ampel-Flirt ganz unverschämt, und glaube, dass jeder, dem es benutzt, ist hoffnungslos. Denn Beziehungen, die aufs Aussehen gebaut sind, sind meistens sehr schwach, kurzdauernd und unerfolgreich. Andererseits wer nicht bereit ist, die Mühe zu geben um jemanden zu suchen oder zu folgen, verdient es nicht, diese Person kennenzulernen.
Was wird man machen wenn die Person im Taxi oder ein gemietetes Auto war!! Soll man einfach alles vergessen nur weil es keine richtige Autokennzeichen gibt!! Und was wird man machen wenn diese Person überhaput nicht in diesen Websiten regestriert ist!!
Falls man registriert ist, wie wird man sich vor die schlechten Leuten, die man nie kennenlernen will, schützen?
Ich werde mich nie dort registrieren. Ich bin 100% dagegen. Es gibt viele anderen zivilisierten und gefahrlosen Weisen um anderen Leute kennenzulernen, die uns tiefere und reifere Beziehungen anbieten…

Say My Name, Say My Name

My name, although a simple often used name, but still it seems to be confusing a lot of people. They either make mistakes writing it or pronouncing it or get all mixed up addressing me as a Mr. Or Mrs.

When I was a kid and started learning the English alphabets and then they asked me to write down my name I wrote: E M A N. The teacher was like: no sweetie, it’s: I M A N.
I insisted on the E, because I thought E (which is pronounced eeeeeeee) is more proper than I (which is pronounced as ay) and told her: My name is eeeeeeeeeeeman and not ay-man. And so I kept on writing it with the E. When I grew up and filled my passport papers I wrote Eman, and so it was officially written with E.
In school, university, my friends, in emails, all wrote my name with I , only for the first time that is, as I insisted that they’d write it with an E.
Anyway, I started working and they all wrote my name with I, which actually got on my nerves. I just hate seeing an IMAN, to me EMAN looks more like it, or maybe coz I actually got used to it and am convinced is the right way to write it.
Now when I got everybody to write my name the way I like it, it was the time to leave and start over again in Tunisia, where they don’t only write the name with an I, but they change it totally and wtrite Imen, and some even write it Imene. The reason is because of the way they pronounce the name. They don’t have straight a’s, e.g. they don’t pronounce the a as in “man”, they pronounce it as in “fame”. So they don’t call me Eman, they call me Imen. And when I write it the way I want : Eman, they misread it as another name which is Emna, which in my dialect and in Standard Arabic language is written : AMNA. But once again, they pronounce no straight a’s in such cases so they write it as they pronounce it: Emna.
That’s why when I write my name in some official documents, they get confused. They suppose that my name is Emna and I only made a mistake. And when I explain that my name is written EMAN in my passport, some of them get really pissed off and start teaching me some spelling rules, loool.
But all of this is ok, the problem is with foreign people who don’t speak Arabic and who don’t know if it’s feminine or masculine, and even worse is the case when they know Arabic and know that it’s feminine but can be used as masculine in some few cases, so they really get lost. I don’t blame them at all. It just feels weird that a lady is writing an email and then she gets a reply with: Dear Mr. Eman. Or : Thank you gentleman… lol, it just feels strange. So when I know there will be lots of emails and some really important papers to be sent with my name and marital status on it, then I have to make it clear that I’m a lady Eman and not a Mr.Eman.
Many times I go through this really funny situation. I send an e-mail, sign with my name, and then I get a call from the recipient of my email, and they’d go like: Hi, can I speak to Mr. Eman please.
I: Yes, speaking.
They: no, no, I need to talk to Mr. EMAN, would you please transfer me to him.
I: Believe me it’s me.
They: WHAT?? Eman is a "SHE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another funny thing is this lady that seemed to be very helpful, she never was late replying to my emails and always was on time providing information and helping me out with any problem I’d go through, which I found very impressive. But the minute I sent a general email explaining that my name refers to a lady and not to man, I never got anything on time again. Lol, see, I’m a heartbreaker ;)

Anyway, I love my name, and I hate people writing it in any other way, but to be honest, it’s sometimes fun to know people’s reaction to the real you :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Nancy Ajram

A young Lebanese singer who got famous in a very short time. More than that she even got the “Best Arab Female Singer” for year 2003 in the time only 2 of her hits were the ones very well known. Yes, she broke the record. Although she launched some other albums with other good songs but we can say that the success she achieved in her song (Akhasmak Ah) made it her first hit. This song spread so fast and got the attention of almost all people. Nancy made herself quite a good number of fans with this song alone.
With her second Hit (Ya Salam) she got even more famous and collected more and more fans, and in no time her posters were filling the walls of so many Arab countries.
All you hear in stores and restaurants are her two songs, all you watch on Satellite channels are her two video clips popping every 15 minutes, and magazines are suddenly filled with gossip about her life, with her face on their covers.
Add to all this her free participation in the two biggest cultural festivals of the Arab world: Jerash Festival and Carthage Festival.
This young singer was loved by the audience at the very same time she was and still is being attacked by art experts and so negatively criticized by a lot of singing professionals.
I don’t blame them for one reason, which is the fact that the “Best Arab Female Singer” should be given to someone with a longer artistic history. Not that I’m under-estimating Nancy’s qualifications, but something as big as that should be given to someone who’s been giving a lot of art and creativity, not to someone whose success is still a new born one. To me timing isn’t as important as quality and taste. And two big hits shouldn’t be enough to judge whether a particular singer and their music is successful in all ways or not.
But still I’m against attacking Nancy as a person and doubting her ability as a singer just because they think there were others who deserved what she got.
It’s so ugly how they started spreading false rumors and showing some old pics of her trying to prove that her beauty is all made up by the hands of plastic surgeons.
Ok, she had so many surgeries to look the way she looks now, what’s the big deal, most of the women are having cosmetic surgeries these days, and although I’m 100% against those surgeries (unless in cases of burns and accidents), but still she wasn’t the first and she wont be the last.
Anyway, good luck to all Arab singers, hoping that both –males and females- will get one thing straight: Singing is all about feelings, meanings, art and harmony of voice and melodies; it was never the LOOKS or SEXINESS. So please offer the audience some really good singing, this is what will make you last and this is what will create your history, protect your present and guarantee your future as a star.

Monday, February 09, 2004

You can like the life you’re living, you can live the life you like ;)

Other than the fact that the movie Chicago has great actors involved in it, and other than the beautiful dances, the music and the lyrics which were out of this world. I watched the movie twice, and then played the songs it had in it around three times.
The music gave the movie its beauty more than anything, but alone the music can never be successful, especially if accompanied by bad lyrics. And the lyrics of the movie were more than perfect.
Of course this made it hard for other non-English speakers to enjoy the greatness of the movie, because in other versions the lyrics had to stay in English which means half of the ideas, explanations and representations were lost for those who don’t understand English. On the other hand, I can’t imagine the same music with different lyrics in different languages.
Anyway, back to what I came to write about in the first place: the songs. The ones I loved most were:
1. Mama where Queen Latifa was more than great in her performance, in fact, I started looking for her movies after watching Chicago. She has a unique sense of humor, and she is a very natural person, you don’t feel her acting.
2. He Had It Coming, with its heavenly music, I love Tango, and the dance was perfect, and did really express the corruption and crimes. The song was really amazing, specially the way they started it out.
3. Both Reached For The Gun, which I loved in each and every way, Richard Gere was incredible, so natural, so spontaneous and so professional, and Renee Zellweger was amazing you almost believe she was nothing but a puppet. And even the dancers in the background, they were extremely professional, for a minute I believed they were wooden puppets. Another thing I loved about this song was the playing with singing speed: oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes they both … WOW THAT WAS LOVELY.
4. And last but not least was the last song in the movie, in which Catherine Zeta Jones was more than successful. She really showed a great talent in this movie. And this very last song, I loved this beautiful thought: you can like the life you’re living, you can live the life you like. It’s soooo beautiful. And it makes us wonder, are we living the life we like, or we just like the life we’re living.
There is a big difference between the two in terms of real meaning. Some of us choose to like the life they’re living, and they call it satisfaction and happiness. Others also convince themselves to like the life they’re living just because they can’t do any better, which I consider giving up the right to taste real happiness. And some never settle down with less than the life they dream of, the life they’d really like, and they call this ambition. When some others are never satisfied with what they have, and I call this greediness.
To me liking the life you’re living and living the life you like are very different, yet they complete each other somehow.
It’s so great to like the life you’re living, be attached to its little details and love it in all its good and bad, even if this life isn’t what you pictured for yourself in early stages of life. On the other hand, it’s equally great to live the life you like, struggle to reach it and work hard to get it. And when it comes to me I think the best thing to do is to like the life you’re living no matter how good or bad it is, but at the very same time work hard till you live the life you like. And most important of all appreciate your life whether it’s what you like or what you’re just living. And if you’re suffering in your life, take it easy, think of it quietly and you’ll work it out yourself. You’ll solve the problems, and then you’ll like your life, and you’ll find yourself not only liking the life you’re living but also living the life you’re like.

Fake health products sold on Internet:

We hear of fake stuff being sold on the net all the time. Some advertising responsible have shown great “impressive” skills in lying.
But when it comes to health matters then I guess it’s no longer a joke. For instance these fake counterfeit contraceptive patches that are being sold on the net.
Investigations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have shown that these patches contain no active ingredients and provide no protection against pregnancy.
Not only this, but this internet site {which is referred to as an illegal foreign site} is also selling other health-related products and drugs which turn out to be nothing but an imitation of the FDA approved drugs.
Therefore the FDA, and while investigating the rest of this site’s products, is warning all people from buying any of this site’s products, which are neither safe nor effective, in order not to risk their health.

For more details on the issue click here

Friday, February 06, 2004


Such a great effect they posses. They aren’t just some pleasant or unpleasant appearances, nor are they some recognition features. They are much more than that. Faces are meanings, they’re feelings. They’re time, they’re history and they’re present. But they’re never to be a future, for you can never guess what faces you’ll encounter, or which will surround you a second from now.
Faces are surprises, they’re memories, and they’re experience. They’re your hope, if not, then they’re your disappointment. Yet some are just meaningless faces, postures you’ve seen, or you’re still seeing, that make no difference in your life and add nothing to its value.
Faces… aren’t they such a riddle!

When I first came to Tunisia, I felt so strange. I knew no one at all. It was as if I was thrown out of some different planet. And on my discovery walks, I saw hundreds of faces, not a single one I knew. It was ok with me at first, I knew the time will come when I’ll get to recognize some of those faces. But in a very short while, I started feeling lonely. I had no relationship to connect me with any of the faces I saw. I wished I had someone really close to me who’d ask me what’s wrong with me just from a look at my face. I hoped one would understand I’ve heard great news just by encoding my smile. Afterwards, I got to recognize some faces, like the security man in the building, the mini market woman, the post office workers and some other faces in some other shopping stores and libraries. But no one was able to be close to me, although some were really nice to me.
I look at myself now, now that I’ve got to recognize so many faces, and I wonder what they mean, and how I feel about them.
In the bus I notice faces around me that I don’t know. Through the bus window I see even more I don’t know; but still I come across few which I actually recognize. In my office I see new faces each day, at the same time, I see many old ones. In my neighborhood I recognize some, and yet many are just a mystery.
When I go shopping, I see a lot of familiar faces across the streets, I might even come across people I visit, who are very few, and the chance to meet them outside by accident is even fewer!
Now that I know much more than before, I found out that adding more faces to your memory album makes a big difference.
Faces that you never knew before are the ones that remind you of very bad experiences you had few days ago. Faces that rang no bells before, are the ones which make you feel so confused and lost now. Faces which you never saw before, are the ones who left ugly scars in your beautiful heart. Faces that belonged to no one significant, are the ones which belong to people you avoid seeing again. Faces that were just some features put together, are now the ones that make you insane.
Many faces you know now helped adding to your disgust. Many others took big portions of your love and used out your trust, but very few gave you the love, loyalty and appreciation you needed in return.
Many faces that had no place in your personal dictionary are now being translated into covers -synonym to masks- hiding exactly the opposite of what they reveal.
I’ve always believed that a person’s face is the mirror of their souls. It reflects their feelings and moods as well as their health. I thought it was the key to their personality and that you can predict their reactions to a certain thing from their faces. But as days pass by, I started understanding that faces aren’t always that clear, in fact they could be really misleading.
I’ve always believed that knowing no faces causes loneliness, but now I found out that the less you know of them, the less the chance is to get hurt or deceived. I guess older generation don’t agree with me, they have the right to. In their time faces were what made life worth living.
In my life some few faces have made their way to the bottom of my heart so long ago, and very little kept their places over there up till now. One face I’m lucky to have in front of me all the time, and some I’m so unlucky to have chosen to be far from; and life was too cruel to take the rest, not only from their places but also from my whole life.
There are faces that I still remember every single detail of, and there are some which left me nothing but the memory of their outer contours. I don’t know if I’d ever get to meet them again, will I be able to recognize them? or will I just pass right next to them without even knowing they’re the ones I once knew.
I might recognize their faces, but would they recognize mine? Do they even remember it now as I write this? Did my face ever mean something significant to them from the very beginning? Or was it just a shape they saw, a shape like all other shapes.
I have so many questions that are left unanswered, but at the end of the day I know, that there will always be good and bad faces. I know that just like there are ones I carry with me all the time, there are ones which have taken the picture of my face and kept it somewhere safe and sound. I know that there are ones that appreciate my features and miss my face just as much as I appreciate and miss theirs. I know there are eyebrows that tighten up every day worrying about me. I know there are eyes that see my face all the time, even when I’m not there; and eyes that release precious tears for missing me, or for being happy for me. I know there are ears that hear my voice every day, even if it was just an echo. I know there are noses that still smell the memories of a fresh spring morning they spent with me. I know there are lips that call my name every minute, even if they can barely remember it. I know there are cheeks that brighten every morning just for the thought of me. I know there are foreheads that are bent every night for not hearing from me. I know there are faces that will lighten up just because they saw me.
Faces that love me, wrinkles that are proud of me, fresh baby skin that smiles at me. Faces that will never give up their places in my heart. They might be few, they might be near, they might be far, but they exist, and this is what matters the most to me.
Those are the faces that make my life worth living…

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

So Unhealthy Me

Ever since I’ve started working in Tunisia and I’ve never went to work one day feeling fresh and active. I don’t know why I never seem to get enough sleep during the weekend ALTHOUGH I sleep a lot. Maybe it’s because I have a lot of things to do during the week so I end up really exhausted and the sleep I get on the weekend can’t make up for it. Or it could be that I’ve become a lazy person and no matter how much sleep I get I’d still want more. Like the other night, I woke up to drink water, the wind was blowing, the whole neighborhood as dark as the deep of an ocean and the bedroom as warm and calm as I love it to be. I get back to bed and just as I hug the soft warm covers and close my eyes the alarm goes: trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn, trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn! I wished I had the power to hold back the sun from rising and stop time for only one more hour. I was sooo sleepy and I really needed more, but well, I had to go get prepared for work.
Anyway, thank God that the minute I enter the office I am no longer sleepy, or at least for the first couple of hours :P And then this annoying and embarrassing feeling gets into me, you know this feeling when your eyes get red and you feel them burning and you can’t tolerate light or screens or anything, you suddenly lose the strength to hold them wide open and you either have this stupid smile on your face, or a pathetic frown as an attempt to give the impression that you’re seriously working, loool, I experience that a lot.

Going back in time when I used to work in Jordan, I remember that weekends like that, when you feel you still need more sleep, were so few. I used to go to work in the beginning of the week so fresh and active, have had enough sleep and big time on the weekend, I couldn’t but be so active and so energetic.
To me, I hate being lazy, and all who knows me calls me “restless”, I’m not used to spending a lot of time in bed, and I’m always so energetic and feel like doing a lot of activities I love. But looking at myself now, I noticed that not only laziness got into me, but even my health got worse. I get sick once and I need ages to recover which is so bad. I got tired of being sick. So I decided to look for the reason behind all this. I made a little comparison between me now and before, and I found out that I’ve been having some really UNHEALTHY habits nowadays. Like for example, I used to drink all kinds of tea: red, green, herbal tea… etc. I loved coffee with milk and I used to drink a cup every day. And I drank all hot drinks with so little sugar. But now I drink tea once or twice a week, and I drink coffee at least twice a day. I put 2 to 3 teaspoons of sugar in a cup, and this is so bad.
I used to eat a lot of vegetables, now and although I try my best to eat vegetables, but I’m not eating as much as I’d love to.
I used to do a lot of sport: have really long walks, swim, play tennis, exercise at home, but now it’s different. Actually, thinking of it, I really don’t know how I’m still in shape when I’m eating double the quantity I used to earlier, AND with all the FastFood I stuff myself with. But I guess it’s because I walk a lot; from work to bus stations, from home to the mini-market; I try to use my feet as much as I can instead of transportation devices, but still this isn’t enough. And it doesn’t compare to walking in green areas breathing fresh air!
Add to all this the weather which I’m still not friends with. Winter here is too strong for me, although I’ve traveled a lot, and I’ve visited really cold places, but in Tunisia it’s something else, the cold here united with humidity, cuts its way straight to the bones. It’s unbelievable.
Anyway, let’s not blame the weather, as I discovered I’ve been living unhealthy, and I decided to do something about it. Starting from today my eating and drinking habits must change, I should get more fresh air and I should rest enough. Lol, talking is easy, but no, I’m gonna stick to it, and God knows I’m so determined.
So Good luck for me I guess, and to all of you out there, take care of yourselves, eat healthy and look after your well-being.